All About Spending the Night Along the Colorado River Near Kremmling

All About Spending the Night Along the Colorado River Near Kremmling

Rafting on an overnight trip can be the adventure of a lifetime. From the seclusion of sleeping riverside, to the surprising luxury afforded by having rafts along to haul supplies, this is a favorite of many. On an overnight rafting trip, you get all the seclusion and quiet that you may on a backcountry backpacking trip, but you don’t have to carry all your food and supplies on your back. Additionally, the sound of the running river is quite relaxing, even therapeutic for some. On a clear night, expect a spectacular display of stars before you snooze after a day on the river.  Here are some pointers for your next overnight trip along the Colorado River.

Finding a Camping Spot

There are a plethora of camping spots along the Colorado River between Pumphouse and Rancho del Rio.  You’ll want to make sure you take out a bit early (we suggest before 5:00 PM) because unloading your gear boat and setting up camp is a task within itself.  Think about your camp site as you approach it, too.  Do you want to be hauling loads of camping equipment, coolers, and your groover up that steep hill to the campsite?  Probably not.  Most likely, there will be another campsite within a few rows of your oars (key words: most likely), so hang in there and be smart with where you choose to take out for the evening.

Don’t Forget a Groover

It’s like a luxurious restroom set in the middle of the woods and everyone in your group will be thankful that you brought one.  Colorado River Rentals provides them for rent if you don’t already have one, and we’ll also clean the groover for a small fee after your trip – GAME. CHANGER.

What Should You Bring? 

Staying Warm

Every outdoor adventure has its essentials. Firstly, you are going to need your own sleeping bag. Any temperature rating is fine, and we do offer sleeping bag rentals at additional cost as well. Additionally, you are going to want at least one (dependent on your length of trip) set of dry clothes for camp. Experienced rafters and campers will recommend something comfortable and warm, as temperatures tend to drop into the high forties and low fifties in the nighttime. Layers are highly suggested to accommodate the diverse set of temperatures that you will encounter. Shorts, sweats, and pajamas are all good options.

For Your Feet

Camp shoes are also important. People find that comfortable footwear that is easy to put on and take off is most often the best thing for camping riverside. Flip flops and crocs are great for this, but just remember you cannot raft with them on.

Let There Be Light

Head’s up, you’re in the middle of nowhere. Pro tip: bring a head lamp or flashlight along.  That walk to the groover in the middle of the night will be much more enjoyable, we promise.

Overnight Rafting Trips in Colorado

And Entertainment, Of Course

Make sure that you also bring some entertainment. A deck (or two) of cards, frisbee, or hacky sack are all good activities for riverside. Once the sun sets, we will likely find ourselves telling stories around a blazing camp fire (also known as cowboy TV).


This is a whole other topic.  Don’t forget food, though… obviously.

It’s the perfect time of year to get out on the Colorado River.  Though the water is a little bit low, you’ll cruise right along and get to enjoy your weekend on the water.  Call Colorado River Rentals today for all of your equipment needs and any other questions you may have before your overnight rafting trip.