Colorado Overnight Rafting Trip Gear List

Colorado Overnight Rafting Trip Gear List

It’s like camping, but you’ll be cruising along the water all day… so how do you bring everything you need?  What do you even need to bring and what can you leave behind for the weekend?  This gear list should help you know exactly what to pack for your next overnight rafting excursion.


First and foremost BRING WATER. When in Colorado, you’re at altitude. The last thing you want in the beautiful scenic great outdoors is altitude sickness and the best way to combat that potential is hydration. Your bloods oxygen levels are lower at altitude, meaning you are directly replenishing the lack of oxygen with H2O. On average, obviously varying by body type 92oz a day will suffice.  Don’t rely on the river as your water source because chances are you won’t want to drink it without a filter.

Good Footwear

Arguably equally as important is your choice of footwear.  When people stumbled upon this one, we usually just suggest an old pair of sneakers you don’t mind getting wet.  Remember, the Colorado water is cold snowmelt so it’s a smart choice to consider purchasing water socks to keep your feet a bit warmer.  The most importation part of this point: BRING DRY SOCKS AND SHOES ALONG.  Your feet will be soaked after your trip, we promise you’ll be incredibly thankful for something warm and dry to throw on them.


Keep in mind the sunshine at altitude is far greater than at sea level. (which also makes this a great time to mention sunscreen! BRING IT!) If you wear contacts, bring sunglasses. It will be bright. If you don’t wear contacts, bring sunglasses. It will be bright. If the forecast is calling for a cloudy day, bring sunglasses. You never know what the mountains will have in store for you.  If you’re worried about your expensive sunglasses taking a spill, invest in a strap to hold them around your next.  These are available at our Colorado River Rentals outpost if you need them.

Dry Bag

Keep what is meant to by dry, dry.  A small camera, your toiletries, clean clothes, a towel, fresh shoes and socks, etc.  Dry bags are the one thing you really don’t want to forget on the river, otherwise your overnight camping experience will be a bit miserable.

Flashlight or Headlamp

Venturing out on a new moon?  Flashlights and/or headlamps are highly recommended.  You’ll thoroughly enjoy visions of the intense Milky Way streaked across the sky above you, but we guarantee you won’t want to venture far from your tent without a light.

Insect Repellent

The bugs aren’t that bad at elevation, but they do still exist.  Though you won’t be chased by a swarm of mosquitoes all day, when the morning warms up and sun rises over the mountains they definitely make an appearance and you’ll be thankful you didn’t forget this important item.

Do you have everything you need?  If you don’t, we do.  Call Colorado River Rentals to solidify all your equipment needs and get out on the water this summer!