Explore! National Read a Roadmap Day is Coming

Posted by on Apr 4, 2015 in Colorado River Trip Stories

While Colorado may not be the largest state, it certainly has a lot to see and do. If you have been itching for adventure, but quite haven’t found a reason to leave your house, never fear for National Read Roadmap Day is coming! Put away your smartphones and GPS’, grab a map and pick a destination.
April 5th marks National Read a Roadmap Day! In a time when technology rules our lives, it is nice to break away and explore. With so many sites, Colorado has no shortage of natural wonders and scenic beauty to see. The Colorado River is one of the infamous places to visit. This state named river is home to some of the most mellow whitewater and some of the most advanced in the country. However, the Colorado is not just infamous for it’s paddling opportunities, but also fly-fishing! Browns and Rainbows are abundant in the river and allow for some awesome fishing.

Additionally, the Colorado River is in close proximity to several sites that are must see while exploring Colorado. For instance, Rabbit Ears Pass near Steamboat, is famous for its unique rock formations. You can either admire them from afar while in your car, or get out and hike right up to them. As this is a more mountainous road, be sure to have your map handy!

Whether you are interested in seeing breathtaking high alpine views, or stunning wildlife, Colorado has it all, you just have to know where to find it. Grab a buddy, grab a map, and get the exploring this National Read a Roadmap Day!