Here’s Where You Can Stand Up Paddle Board near Summit County

Here’s Where You Can Stand Up Paddle Board near Summit County

Here’s what’s up with SUP’s in Summit County. SUP boarding has quickly become a popular sport in recent years. This adrenaline rushing activity will have you dropping into exciting white water and has caught the interest of all types of people. This active lifestyle has been enjoyed by surfers, rafters, and even yoga enthusiasts. This fabulous new adventure just might be your next hobby. SUP is a great adventure for pet lovers, zen greeters, and risk takers alike. Check out some of these great Summit County places on Lake Dillon to try it out.

A great place to begin your SUP adventure is the Frisco Bay Marina. They offer stand up paddle board rentals at a very reasonable rate. You can show up and see if they have availability, or make a reservation ahead of time. Booking online is great, however, if you want to book more than two hours on the water, they need you to give them a call. Want to try this out for the entire family? They have you covered with their kid friendly SUP’s for ages seven to twelve. Currently they are also offering pedal boards for those that would like a little more stability in their ride, as this board has handlebars.

Stand Up Paddle Colorado is our second choice to gear up and go. These guys do the same two hour minimum rental time. Walk-ins are welcome here as well pending their availability and weather conditions. Don’t forget to bring your pooch also as he’s welcome here, and they have PFD’s too.

Adventure Paddle Tours are currently only renting equipment on peak days, as some of their competitors usually rent out on these days. They are on a walk-in basis only for rentals so, don’t forget these guys when the others are all sold out. Adventure Paddle Tours do take reservations for their six-person SUP, which they rent out on a full day use term only. This beast of a board is amazing if you’re looking for something to get into with as a group.

Some helpful pro tips: Expect to get wet. The water up here is not like down south or on the coast. This water is snow melt and averages around 50 degree’s in the middle of summer. Try to avoid wearing cotton, it doesn’t really hold the heat and makes you feel colder. Wearing the right gear is key to a great time. Most places provide the wet suit, but be sure to ask. No flip flops or crocs, most companies will require a more secure footwear. Chaco’s, Keen’s. or any sneaker would work great. Sunscreen up, you’re on the water which means you’re exposed to the sun for the same amount of time. Water proof cameras are definitely useful and can be a phone saver on any water trip.

Like any rental opportunity be sure to research your local area. In this case you’ll more than likely be taking this trip on Dillon Lake. This is defiantly the most popular spot to SUP in Summit. Don’t forget to check out our great rental trips on the Colorado in Kremmling if you’ve tried Summit and want to kick it up a notch into some white water SUPing.