Rafting the Upper Colorado River in October: Perfect for a Quiet Adventure in Remote Colorado

Rafting the Upper Colorado River in October: Perfect for a Quiet Adventure in Remote Colorado

Rafting the Upper Colorado River in the fall is a fantastic experience. A lot of the busy summer crowds are long gone and the small group that does remain are like- minded individuals who want to experience all of the great fall outdoor activities Colorado has to offer. Be prepared to make some new friends and enjoy your time moving down river.

Rafting in the fall is amazing, especially on the Upper Colorado River. The Colorado River maintains water levels longer than most rivers in the state. Therefore, the season on the Upper C lasts through the month of October. You will still be able to find some great, big splashy rapids packed with adrenaline, but not extremely dangerous.

Top Reasons to Raft the Upper Colorado in October:

· Easy Breezy Weather – Temperatures are quite perfect in the fall on the Upper Colorado River. Morning and nights are a bit cold, but during the day while you are on the river, you can expect the sun to shine, and the temperatures to be in the mid 50s to the mid 70s. Don’t forget in Colorado that feels really warm because the sun is so strong up here.

· Unbelievable fall foliage – The Colorado River valley is beautiful year around, but there is something extra special about it in the fall. The trees around the river go from yellow, to orange to red and it truly is a sight to be seen. Colorado’s peak time for fall foliage color is usually from mid-September to mid-October and can vary by season, altitude, and the weather. Fall foliage in Colorado brings in people from all over the world. Why not enjoy the views while on the water? Rafting the Colorado River during the peak season for fall foliage will make for some breathtaking views, and like we mentioned before you will see seas of yellow, red and orange can be seen for miles across Gore Mountain Range.

Fall Aspens in Colorado

· Less Crowds and more serene – It can very fun to have the river full of people enjoying their summer, but once fall rolls in something very special happens. You tend to have the river all to yourself and as you move down stream, you may not see a single person (besides the people you are with of course).

*Less crowds can mean a better chance to see wildlife as you move down the river!

Colorado Rocky Mountain Wildlife

What to bring on your Colorado River fall rafting trip:

Remember, the mountains are starting to have some cooler air run through the fall season. So be prepared with a few of these items.

· Layers, Layers and more LAYERS – Temperatures start to drop during the fall season. Be prepared by packing extra -long sleeves, thermal pants and a beanie. You may not need these extra layers. But trust me, if you do, you’re going to be very glad you have them. Most rafting outfitters will have wet suits and splash jackets (white water rafting windbreaker) available for you as well. We sure do!

· Bring out the Wool Socks – Wool socks are a great way to keep your feet warm(ish) while rafting. You are going to get wet, but having insulated socks makes all the difference. Not yet willing to give up that Teva tan you’ve been working so hard on all summer? Well no need to change your shoes. Just add the wool socks to add for some extra comfort and obvious added style points!

· Sunscreen and water – Once those 60 degree temps roll in, people forget that the Colorado sun is still quite strong and you can get a serious sunburn even in the fall. It can also cause you to get dehydrated, so make sure you pack your water bottle as well.

Other top activities to enjoy with your rafting trip:

If you are looking for other activities besides rafting don’t you worry. Kremmling Colorado is known as the “outdoorsman’s paradise”. I wouldn’t be surprised if you encounter some wild life, they tend to outnumber most people in this area, so do not be alarmed! Elk hunting in Kremmling is some of the best in the entire state! Fly Fishing is top notch on the Colorado River during the fall season. Just make sure you have proper permits before heading out. With all of the BLM land scattered across Kremmling, it is the perfect set up for some fantastic UTV/ATV trails!

Spring Hiking

No matter what activity you choose to do this fall you will not be disappointed. Pack a hoodie and go enjoy the outdoors in the crisp fall air of Colorado!