All About the Colorado River

The Colorado River is not just in Kremmling, Colorado! It runs 1,459 miles throughout the United States. It is the principal river of the Southern Western United States and Northwest Mexico. The Colorado River runs through seven U.S states including Colorado, Utah, Arizona, Nevada and two states in Mexico. The river rises in the Central Rocky mountains starting at La Poudre Pass.

raftsThe Colorado River mostly runs southwest across the Colorado Plateau and through the Grand Canyon before reaching Lake Mead on the Arizona-Nevada line. When the Colorado River reaches the Arizona-Nevada line it then veers south toward the Border of Mexico. Once the river reaches Mexico the Colorado River approaches the Colorado Delta. The Colorado Delta is the region where the river flows into the Gulf Of California. The Colorado Delta is a part of a larger geologic region known as the Salton Trough.

The Colorado River supplies water to more than 25 million people and it is also responsible  for irrigating 3.5 million farmland. The Colorado river is also home to of the seven wonders of the world the Grand Canyon. There are 11 U.S National Parks along the way of the Colorado River, providing beautiful scenery and fun activities. The biggest supporter of the Colorado River is white water rafting. Several sections are of the river are heavily rafted such as Gore Canyon, the Upper C, Ruby Horsethief, Westwater Canyon, Cataract Canyon and the infamous Grand Canyon.

The Colorado river is a great resource for southern states and a great playground for rafters and kayakers alike.

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