Camps on the Upper Colorado River

The Upper Colorado River is a wonderful place to spend the day on the river. Abundant in wildlife and surrounded by scenic beauty, this river has it all! While paddling down the Upper C and upon entering the canyon, you will come across natural hot springs and even cliffs you can hike to the top and jump off of! With this much to see and do a day on the river may not be enough. Fortunately, the Upper C has tons of great camping alongside the river, making it a great place for an overnight rafting trip. Take a look at these camps on the Upper C.

One of the more commonly floated sections of this river is the Pumphouse to Radium stretch. It is a 4 mile stretch of river that winds through the valley and eventually into stunning granite canyons. Pump House itself has 12 developed campsites, but if you are looking for more primitive camping simply hike along the Gore Canyon Trail. Additionally, by river mile 14 there are several picnic and camp stops for floaters.

The next most common stretch of river is from Radium to Rancho del Rio. This 6 mile stretch features a few class III rapids and makes for a great second day on the river! The most common stopping points in this stretch are found between river miles 18-19.  The fully developed sites at Island Site are fully shaded by the Ponderosa Pines and mark the beginning of the camping areas. Further down river, about a mile or so, the Bench and Lone Tree, are two popular undeveloped campsites.

The Upper Colorado River includes a 77 mile stretch of whitewater spanning from Kremmling to Glenwood Canyon. While there are several developed campsites, there are also numerous undeveloped campsites where you can fully immerse yourself in nature! Surrounded by BLM land, this river has tons of great places to stop, making it a great river to spend the night on!

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