Learn to Read the River with Rafting Professionals!

Spend a weekend learning the ways of the river in our Private Boater Training course. Call now for more information and to hold your place in our private boater training: 970-423-7036

Price: $199
Parking & Fees Not Included


Level 1 Course Curriculum

Saturday, September 24th & Sunday, September 25th

  • Intro to Equipment
    • Safety Equipment
    • Boats (types, materials & when to use them)
    • Oars, Frames and Paddles (types & when to use them)
    • Overnight Gear
    • Repairing & Gear Maintenance
  • On-Water Lesson: 1/2 Day Float on Upper Colorado
    • Intro to River Dynamics and Morphology
    • River Features
    • Finding the Water and Trip Planning
    • Intro to Rigging Vessel, Loading, Tying Down & Transporting Gear
  • On-Water Lesson: Full Day Float on the Upper Colorado
    • Intro to Reading Water
    • Intro to De-rigging & Unloading

Level 2 Course Curriculum

Saturday, October 1st & Sunday, October 2nd

  • Level 1 Recap
  • Meal & Logistics of Overnights
    • Rigging Overnight Vessels
    • Packing Coolers & Dry Boxes
  • On-Water Lesson
    • Oar Practice (intro to gear boating)
    • Intro to Paddle Boating
    • How to Catch an Eddy
    • Intro to camp set up and on river food prep
    • Throw Bag Practice
    • Z-drag Set-up
    • Breakfast & Intro to Camp Breakdown
    • Swimming in River, Getting Back into Vessel, Throw Bag on River & Flip Practice
  • Intro to Groover Cleanup