A fun list of adventurous things to do in the beautiful Kremmling, Colorado area.

  • Fly Fishing/ Lake Fishing: Fishing is great at any age and a big part of the Colorado experience. With many types of the Trout species in a variety of lakes and rivers or streams the Kremmling area has it all. Starting with the Colorado River, this is truly a World Class “Gold Medal” river. Many state records have been generated out of these waters for the Brown and Rainbow Trout, with an average weight of 3-7 lbs.. The Williams Fork river is known for the Brookies and the bigger Brown trout. Lakes or Reservoirs offer a another type of fishing either from the shore or by boat. The fish in the lakes have more time and space to grow. The largest Trout known is the Lake Trout, with common weights of 15-40 lbs. Most choose to use boats for this type and size of trout.
  • Wakeboarding/ Water Skiing: Near Kremmling you have a few different, good sized bodies of water to choose from for boating water sports. The largest is Granby Lake East of Kremmling and near the town of Granby. With miles of sandy beaches and views of Rocky Mountain National Park, the lake water is fed by glaciers and a wetsuit may be needed. The next largest two lakes are the Wolford Reservoir to the West heading towards Steamboat about 8 miles and approximately the same distance to the East near Parshall is the Williams Fork Reservoir. On the Wolford and the Williams Fork you will find very few people, so enjoy the open spaces. The most popular of all these lakes is the Green Mountain Reservoir. The lake has great beaches, tall cliffs for jumping and lots of room for Wakeboarding or skiing.
  • 4×4 Wheeling and ATV’s: Kremmling is the host to a fun summer long 4×4 adventure courses in the surrounding Bureau of Land Management properties. Grab or rent a 4×4 and get out there today.
  • Mountain Biking: Biking on Arapahoe ridge is the most popular but not limited to all the different degrees of abilities this area has to offer.
  • Hot Air Ballooning: Riding in a hot air balloon is an amazing experience for those in the mountains. In Kremmling, flights are provided by Balloon Rides Over Colorado. Get up there and see the spectacular views from the Kremmling airspace.
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