All About Overnights on the Upper Colorado

Overnight trips on the Upper Colorado River are a great way to unwind and enjoy the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains and everything that comes with it. You can spend one to five nights on this amazing stretch of water, so this section of river brings things to the table for everybody.

If you have young kids who aren’t quite old enough for extreme whitewater rafting then this is the perfect way to introduce them to a rafting experience. Adults can enjoy and appreciate the astonishing scenery of the Rockies and the surrounding landscape. Both kids and adults alike can be entertained by different swimming holes, hot springs, and jump rocks.

The scenery on this river is truly one of a kind. Aside from the vintage cabins, waterfalls, and stone slabs, the wildlife is plentiful. This is one of the few areas in Colorado where bald eagles can be spotted frequently. Mule deer, white tail deer, elk and the occasional black bear can all be spotted down this stretch of the river. In this clear water you can see various species of trout, including the aggressive brown trout, the pretty rainbow trout, the Colorado native cutthroat trout, and possibly a few kokanee salmon that have wandered in from the reservoir.

If you are questioning whether or not to do any overnight trip on the Upper Colorado, now you know you will definitely be missing out! There are a variety of camps on the Upper Colorado and lots of options for different kinds of whitewater and river to see!

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