Trips on the Upper Colorado

raftsUpper Colorado River trips are a great time for any ability rafter. Regardless of whether you are looking for a scenic relaxing float trip down the river or something more extreme, like the Gore Canyon, there are lots of options. The Upper Colorado options also vary dependent upon the amount of time you want to spend on the water. There are half day, full day and overnight trips available over different stretches of the river.

The Upper Colorado offers four very commonly rafted sections of the river. These are the Gore Canyon, Pumphouse to Radium, Radium to Rancho Del Rio and Rancho Del Rio to State Bridge.

The first section of the river is the Upper Gore Canyon and it is a 5 mile expert section of the river with class 5 rapids. It is not usually recommended to raft this section of river privately because it features boulder fields, waterfalls, extremely big whitewater and steep drops! Commercial outfitters such as AVA Rafting offer trips on this river that are safe and affordable.

The next and most popular section of the river is the almost 5 miles from Pumphouse to Radium. This is a fairly mellow section of river but also offers a class 3 rapid called Needle’s Eye Rapid. This rapid has two channels to float by but the right side is usually the way to go. Make sure to read the river and enjoy yourself! On this section there is also the infamous jump rock and the natural hot springs you can take a dip in!

After the Pumphouse section is a 6.5 mile section of class 2 and 3 whitewater from Radium to Rancho del Rio. This is also a heavily used section of whitewater that features mostly class 2 rapids. Yarmony Rapid however is a class 3 rapid that starts at Red Gore Canyon. This is a fun rapid that usually requires being scouted so you can choose the best line!

Last but not least is the 4 mile section of river from Rancho del Rio to State Bridge. This is a mellow class 2 section with lots of wildlife and beautiful scenery!

Other sections of the Upper Colorado include the State Bridge to Two Bridges class 2 section,  the Two Bridges to Catamount class 2 section, the Catamount to Pinball class 2-3 section and a couple of other sections of class 2 rafting as your progress towards Glenwood Canyon.

Remember there is a trip for any type and ability of rafter on the Upper Colorado. Rent rafts with Colorado River Rentals and check it out today!

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