The Upper C or Upper Colorado River is truly a unique experience compared to the other rivers that we raft in Colorado. The Upper C isn’t as much about the whitewater aspect of rafting, but about enjoying the beauty and nature of the Colorado Rockies. The fun you’ll have on the water is a different kind of fun that’s not all about rowing paddles to press through the big rapid. If you want to take your young kids on a float trip or want a more relaxing, enlightening experience you’ll find it on the Upper C.

First of all, the wildlife on this part of the river is amazing. The Upper Colorado River is one of the few areas in Colorado where bald eagles can be spotted quite frequently. Plenty of Canadian geese spend time around the river, these geese will be mingling and floating down the river like a raft.

Going down the river there will be plenty of families rafting down with their own equipment. If you’re not a Colorado native you will be amazed by all of the dogs that raft down river with their owners. Fisherman will be lining the shores in certain areas pulling in brown and rainbow trout, rarely you’ll be able to see somebody land a Colorado native greenback cutthroat trout.

Some of the cool features of the Upper C are the stopping points on the river. There are jumps rocks in various spots. Around the Radium section you can take a short walk up a hill into some hot springs where you can take a break from the cold river water.

Overall, there is lots of fun to be had on the Upper Colorado River!

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