2 Day Rafting Package


Ready to hit the Colorado River on your own? Our Colorado River Rentals packages are built by our own experienced guides and include the quality essentials you need for a couple of days floating down the river. Keep in mind, that prior knowledge of the Colorado River, put-ins, take-outs, and rafting are required. These packages are not intended for first-time rafters, if this is your first time, we highly recommend trying one of our guided tours before you attempt to run the river yourself.

Our Two Day Package Includes:

  • 1 open-sized raft
  • Paddles for all participants + 1 extra paddle
  • PFDs for all participants
  • Dry bags – 3
  • Cooler – 1
  • Hand pump – 1
  • Groover – 1 (plus Groover dump fee)
  • Rafting frame available at an additional cost
  • This package accommodates 8 adults or up to 6 guests


Additional Details:

  • Pick-up any time after 8:00 AM DAY 1
  • Drop-off before 5:00 PM DAY 2
  • Transportation options are available – please reach out to our Kremmling outpost for more information



  • Bringing your own first aid kit and other safety supplies is recommended
  • Knowledge of the Colorado River, put ins, take outs, and rafting is required


PRICE: $641

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