10 Best Outdoor Books for Kids

Posted by on Apr 21, 2017 in Kids
10 Best Outdoor Books for Kids

“Get em’ while they’re young” they always say. If you want your kids to love nature the same way you do, the best way of doing so is by immersing them in the joys of nature. This can go beyond personal experience for the kid and tales of your past adventures. Books are a great way to teach a kid about nature! There are so many outdoor books for kids out there that it’s worth the time to find the ones you believe are the best and most amusing for the child. Let’s look at a list of some popular titles that I have picked out for the parents out there.

  1. Very Hungry Caterpillar

    This book teaches kids about the cycle of life for caterpillars from the life of one.. Particularly.. hungry caterpillar. The green little guy feeds and grows as you read the book and turn each page.

  2. In the Woods: Who’s Been Here?

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    The forest that two boys are wandering through is mysteriously empty of all the wildlife. Follows these two curious kids on a journey to use clues to figure out what has been living in the forest!

  3. The Lorax

    This one (everybody knows) may be a bit more of an abstract story. However, the moral behind the (with a little explanation from the parent) will learn about the dangers mindless progress poses to wildlife and nature all around.

  4. Thirteen Moons on Turtle’s Back

    A Native American Year of Moons is a book of Native-American legend which teaches kids about the changing seasons and the cycles of the moon through a story of the scales on a turtle’s back (each scale has a special meaning). The deepness of Native-American legend adds great sentimental value to the story along with the spectacular illustrations this book contains.

  5. My Nature Book

    This is quite a unique book. The extra material and overall concept is what makes this book a must-have, with its nature-oriented activity pages, lined and blank pages for illustrating and recording outdoors experiences, Outdoors project ideas, and recipes for tasty snacks that are perfect for a hiking trip!

  6. Camp Out!

    Source: Pixabay

    Source: Pixabay

    The Ultimate Kids’ Guide, a pretty straightforward title; this guide to the great outdoors is put into a format that is more understandable and fun for kids. It teaches them everything from the basics up to how to make a tarp tent and anything in between, such as camping recipes and nifty tricks like telling the temperature outside by how often a cricket chirps!

  7. My Side of the Mountain

    is a super “solid” classic fiction. This books follows a boy who is disappointed with living in a New York City apartment into the wilderness of the mountain, where he evolved as a person and awoke parts of himself that were formerly dormant.

  8. Hatchet

    Another well-known classic. Somewhat of a similar story to the latter; this young lad ends up stranded in the Canadian Wilderness and must utilize all of his outdoors experience to survive and make his way back.These last two are more-so geared towards the 12-15 year old age range.

  9. PEAK

    This is a chair-gripping story of a teenager who makes an attempt to summit Mt. Everest. This books action-packed adventure is sure to inspire some motivation to go outdoors.

  10. Holt McDougal Library

    The Race to Save the Lord God Bird: This book’s underlying message preaches the importance of the human role to conserve nature and all its’ inhabitants through the perspectives of scientists, bird enthusiasts, photographers, and even artists; each playing

their own role. The history of the ivory-billed woodpecker is told; from the beginning of the population decline to the spotting of the last bird [marking its final demise], due to the negative human role.

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