Top 10 Products You Need Before Going on Your Own Colorado River Trip

Top 10 Products You Need Before Going on Your Own Colorado River Trip

Feel like you are ready for the rapids and now all you need is the newest and coolest gear? Well we can handle that. Get on the river today with gear from Colorado River Rentals.

A ride down the river or a fishing trip is a great way to spend your time in the Colorado Rockies. Whether it’s a short day trip or an overnight trip, we have everything you could possibly need to make your river trip successful and stress free.

We rent river gear, boats and equipment from our office in Kremmling, CO near the Upper Colorado River. Colorado River Rentals has all the gear and equipment rentals to make your river trip happen. We provide you with great gear for your rafting, fishing, stand up paddle boarding, or kayaking adventures you are planning this summer.

1. Rafts

Most importantly, you will need a way to get down the river. If you are traveling from out of town, chances are that you will not want to travel with a raft, so rent one from us.

The Upper Colorado River outside of Kremmling is a low-key, relaxing river that can be privately rafted. With our awesome rental gear, you can raft the river for half a day or up to 4 days. Daily rental options ask that you return the gear by 7:00 p.m. which gives you plenty of time to enjoy the river. If you are planning a rafting and camping trip, you can set your return time to save some money if you won’t be out for a full day on the last day.

Colorado River Rentals has many rental options covering a wide variety of your river-rafting adventure needs. They have rentable frameless 12′, 14′ and 16′ rafts.

At a slightly higher price point we can add a frame and oars onto your raft. They also have different variations of frames that they can offer to you. If using a raft is not what you are seeking, we have rentals that will definitely make your river experience more fun and interesting.

2. Inflatable Kayak

Have you ever wanted to ride a rubber duck? These duckies are not your rubber duckies we played with as kids, but instead fun-inflatable kayaks. Duckies are great for the beginner as they are lighter, easier to transport, and easier to paddle through the river with than the traditional hard-shelled kayak.

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Kayaking puts you in the heart of the outdoors while providing you with a great workout. Floating on the river allows you a different perspective than hiking a trail. It allows you the opportunity to see nature and wildlife in a completely different way. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast or just looking to get away, there can be adventure found in kayaking. While the Upper Colorado River offers adventure for those seeking it, peaceful relaxation can be found while enjoying the scenery of the awesome canyons and beautiful mountains.

Renting an inflatable kayak is probably the way to go versus buying a duckie. If you’re just getting into the sport or planning an impromptu trip down the river with friends. Whether you are going easy or seeking thrills you will have the right equipment to do so. Paddle your way to a sweet camping location and enjoy a night under the stars while falling asleep listening to the river sing sweet songs.

3. Stand Up Paddle Boards

We offer SUPs (stand-up paddle boards), which is a great addition to any river trip. People of all ages have a blast getting down the river on a SUP, and it is a great way to add variety to your day.

Rafts, Kayaks, and SUP rentals include life jackets and paddles.

4. Vehicle Shuttles

A tedious part of a rafting trip can be dropping off vehicles at the take out point and then driving up to the entry point, all to just do it again once your trip is over.

Skip that hassle and let us transport your vehicle safely from where you put in to where you want to take out. This will save you all that time consuming prep.

5. Dry Bag

Odds are that you will have materials from cameras, phones, food, and more that you don’t want to get wet. We will provide you with a dry page for your river trip, which will save you a big head ache from something getting ruined.

6. Wet suit and Splash Jacket

Depending on when you are getting out on the river, there is a chance there will be some cool mountain breezes along the river. Rent a wet suit to ensure you don’t get too cold out there.

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We also have splash jackets which are a great addition to your river trip to again keep you from getting to cold.

7. Hand Pump

We are happy to pump up your raft or kayak for you. However, if you would prefer to pick it up deflated and pump it up once you get to your destination, do not forget to rent a hand pump.

This is crucial to getting out of the river in a proper raft or kayak.

8. Cooler, Roll Table & Fire Pan

Overnights on the river will require camping gear as well. We know that packing all of that camping gear can be unrealistic and that is why we can provide what you need for a successful night under the stars.

A cooler is necessary for snacks and beverages and a roll table is perfect for setting up camp for dinner and breakfast.

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It is very important that you rent a fire pan if you do not have one and are planning to build a fire during your trip. Across Colorado you must use a firepan in order to help reduce wildfires and preserve our natural areas.

9. Raft Frame and Fishing Frame

If you would like to do some fishing during your river trip, then it is a great idea to rent a frame for the raft to make it more conducive to fishing.

10. Toilet System/ Groove

We rent these out because they are a must for your river trip. Just like fire pans you must use these and if you don’t have one or want to travel with one, then you are in luck.

Colorado River rentals is conveniently located in the northern Rocky Mountains in the town of Kremmling, Co. Its location on the Colorado River puts you very close to the action on the upper Colorado River.

However, this does not have to limit where you can go. There are plenty of other amazing and scenic places right outside the door.

Overnight Rafting Trip Gear List

Next time you’re planning a river outing let these guys us set you up with the necessary rafting and camping equipment to make your Colorado experience fun and most important: safe.