10 Tips for Learning how to SUP

Posted by on Mar 19, 2015 in River Gear Rental Discounts
10 Tips for Learning how to SUP
The Stand Up Paddleboards kept the kids thoroughly entertained.

Stand Up Paddleboards are definitely fun!

Are you looking for a unique experience on the water that’s not a raft or a boat? You need to try out stand-up paddle boarding (SUP). It’s a one-of-a-kind experience on the water that is so much different from anything else you have tried. Here are 10 tips for learning how to stand-up paddleboard.

  1. Select The Right Board

Select a board at least 30 inches wide and 11 feet long. The board should feel comfortable and not like it is about to tip when standing without forward motion. A common mistake made by people trying to SUP for the first time is they start off on a board that is too small and become discouraged.

  1. Start Off On Flat Water

Always start off paddle boarding in flat water. Can you imagine learning how to ski in extremely snowy terrain? The same concept applies for stand-up paddle boarding. Flat water will help you get your bearings.

  1. Hold The Paddle Properly

You should always grip the paddle with one hand on the top and the other in the middle. You should always have the paddle positioned in front of you with elbows at 90 degrees. This will allow for a comfortable paddling position.

  1. No Broomsticking

A common mistake amongst first-time paddle boarders is holding the paddle like a broomstick. Try to hold it correctly as we have stated above. 🙂

  1. Don’t Be Afraid Of Falling

While learning to paddle board, unless you have incredible natural ability, chances are that you will fall a time or two. Don’t be afraid of falling! You will be wearing a life jacket (PFD) and there is a reason paddles are made with floatation– so you can grab them easily out of the water when you fall!

  1. Start Off Slowly

Once you get the paddle board into flat water without the fin touching, first start off on your knees and make basic strokes on each side. This will help you get comfortable with the board.

  1. Transition Start

Once you get comfortable starting off, slowly stand up one foot at a time. Keep your body in the middle of the board with parallel feet about shoulder width apart.

  1. No Surfer Stance

Most people who try paddle boarding for the first time want to position themselves into a surfer stance. If you get into this stance you will fall and it will make for a miserable experience. Save the surfer stance for the surfboard. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, 1 foot slightly in front of the other.

  1. Maintain A Good Core

With good balance comes a good core. You can maintain your core with a slight bend in the knees while positioning yourself in the center of the board to achieve balance more easily.

      10. Enjoy Yourself

The most important part of learning anything is your mental state of mind. If you keep a positive spirit and enjoy yourself then mastery of the paddle board will come.

Hope you enjoyed these tips from Colorado River Rentals! Don’t forget you can rent a SUP with us any time.