4 Ways to Float the Upper Colorado River

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4 Ways to Float the Upper Colorado River

For anyone looking to experience the best of Colorado’s outdoors and cool off in the summer heat, join us in Kremmling for a scenic and relaxing float on the Upper Colorado River. The Colorado River runs through the Grand Canyon and five different states, with the Upper Colorado flowing through Rocky Mountain National Park and nearby Kremmling.

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The magnificent river is home to a variety of fish and animal species including trout, pike minnow, and beaver. Whether you are looking to relax, spot wildlife, or gather with a group of friends, there are several different ways to experience the Colorado River in a floating adventure.


Kayaks and Inflatable Kayaks
Around the mid 1970’s technology had developed to restore the likability of the canoe with upgrades to enhance the mobility of the craft through the water. This maneuverability is crucial for people to enjoy the fast-flowing rapids on the Upper Colorado River. Inflatable Kayak technology continued to develop, leading to collapsible kayaks, easier to put away and transport from place to place.

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Perfect for beginner kayakers, they are also more forgiving for maneuvering through fast flowing waters and rapids, especially around rocks or through surrounding eddies. These inflatable kayaks also require less maintenance than hard-shell kayaks or canoes.

Colorado River Rentals offers one- or two-person inflatable kayaks; these two person kayaks, called “Duckies,” make floating the river with a partner or friend an easy and enjoyable experience! Our partner company, AVA Rafting & Zipline, also offers guided trips, which are a great opportunity to learn how to navigate faster-moving waters.


Scenic Float Trips
AVA Rafting & Zipline offers full and half day float trips from our Kremmling outpost. This stretch of the Upper Colorado is the ideal location for a float trip, as the water runs quickly, but over a flat plane, allowing all ages and levels to enjoy the river. Kids as young as two years old can even go on our float trips! Our trips can even run through September if weather and water levels still meet the requirement to run safely on the river.Upper Colorado Rafting

On our adventures, our experienced guides look forward to sharing their knowledge of the river and providing insight into the Kremmling area’s best restaurants or experiences post-adventure These guided trips are full day (7 to 8 hours) or half day adventures (4 hours) and allow visitors to experience the splendors of the Upper Colorado from wildlife to wildflowers—all framed against the scenic backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

Colorado River

Stand-up Paddleboard
For individuals looking to truly test their skills on a Colorado River float, try renting out a Stand-up Paddleboard (SUPs). With SUPs, balance is crucial to enjoy the time on the river by being vigilant through the rapids. SUPs are the newest trend taking a hold of the outdoor recreation scene.

Whether you choose to rent with CRR or join a guided trip with AVA, floating the Upper Colorado will be a fun and relaxing experience. With multiple ways to float available, everyone can choose their desired level of adventure. If you need help setting the perfect trip reach out to 9704237036, Colorado River Rentals, or to AVA Rafting & Zipline.

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