5 Best Colorado Wildflower Hikes

Posted by on Mar 28, 2017 in Hiking, Summer, Travel
5 Best Colorado Wildflower Hikes

If you’re coming to Colorado this summer to see the beautiful scenery, you’re in luck. Colorado in the summer hosts an array of hikes with stunning wildflowers. No matter where you go in this gorgeous state there is something to see. Late June and early July are prime to see the spectacular show of blooms across the state. As any local will tell you, “You’ll come for the winter but stay for the summers”. If you are going to be here this summer here are 5 incredible wildflower hikes that will satisfy your taste for beauty.

  1. wildflowersWillow Creek Trail in Roxborough State Park: Late May and early June are the best time to take part in this particular hike. One of the reasons this stands out is because of the diversity of the flowers. With a unique ecology and varied environment, many flowers you normally would not find together can be found all on the same hike.
  2. Trail 403 in Crested Butte: Crested Butte, known as “The Wildflower Capitol” of Colorado, is home to this colorful trail. This hike is sure to excite novice and advanced wildflower hikers.  The best wildflowers can be found here in July. This can be a difficult hike to partake in because of the 11,300 foot elevation gain, but if you’re willing to put in the effort, the 4-mile hike is well worth it!
  3. Hessie Trail in Nederland: This hike is great for all age ranges and a perfect one for the whole family. It is a 3-mile trail and, if you are not from Colorado, it’s a great way to get your body acclimated to the higher elevation. Along with a beautiful selection of wildflowers there is also a waterfall and a beaver dam. There are pristine lakes and stunning summits. Wildflower meadows run abundant and gives a feel of the idyllic alpine wilderness.
  4. Mount Zirkel Wilderness near Steamboat: A rushing creek keeps you company as you meander through aspen trees on this 7-mile hike. There are wildflowers of every color that can be spotted from the trail. A great way to end this hike is to bring a picnic and eat at Three Island Lake.
  5. Aspen to Crested Butte: If you search this route, it takes up to 3.5 hours walking as it is 24 miles. If you’re up for a decent hike, there is an 11 mile stretch over West Maroon Pass that is quite possibly the best wildflower hike in the state. You will spend a good portion of your day hiking through wildflower fields and over jaw dropping vistas. This hike does take the majority of the day so plan on spending the night on the other side!