5 Reasons to Rent Gear to Make your River Trip Seamless

5 Reasons to Rent Gear to Make your River Trip Seamless

We have 4 reasons why renting gear will make your life so much easier!

How do you, an outdoor enthusiast, keep up with the hassles of buying, transporting, cleaning, and updating your gear? We have a tip that will change your life: rent your gear when you travel to the rafting epicenter of the world. When I rent gear, I can have it all.

1. Renting Can Save you Space, Time, Money and More!

I can raft, kayak, ducky, paddleboard, and camp all in one trip and without trying to cram everything in my car. Renting gear keeps you from dealing with the hassle of transporting gear. It’s hard enough to fit clothes for a few days, snacks, and multiple people into a car, why try to add whitewater gear to the mix?

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On top of it, I never feel completely at ease when I leave my kayak tied to the roof and go site-seeing or hiking. When I rent gear, I can return it the same day instead of leaving it on my car overnight in a hotel parking lot. Lastly, I will just mention that the wind drag from boats on the roof will cost you in gas.

2. Get the Most Up to Date Gear without Breaking the Bank!

Avoid paying thousands of dollars for gear that may become outdated or unwanted in just a short time. Gear companies are always updating their gear, and you can stay ahead of the curve by renting.

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Not to mention that when you rent gear, there is no maintenance and no repairs. If I bought my own kayak, I would fear for my equipment every time I passed through shallow water or bumped a rock. Renting takes the pressure off and allows you to enjoy the experience.

3. Rent Gear for Overnight Rafting and Camping Trips

If you’re going on an overnight trip, rentals are invaluable. Why risk wetting your own sleeping bag or getting it dirty when you could rent a nice bag from an outfitter?

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The benefits of renting a portable toilet are even more obvious. You need to have one, but you don’t necessarily want to drive it around with you until you get home.

4. Test Out the Gear before you Buy if you’re Thinking about Buying

Even if you are set on buying your own gear, you can rent that same gear from an outfitter and see what you like before you make a commitment. You can rent different sizes and styles to ensure you get what is right for you.

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Renting gear is like walking around a shoe store in new shoes to make sure they fit right.

5. You Can Customize Rentals for your Perfect Adventure!

Whether you want to spend a couple hours on the river or a couple days, you can rent gear for the exact time you are using it in order to save money and time.

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Can decide between rafting, kayaking, or stank up paddle boards. You can rent different gear for you group so everyone gets exactly what they want. The next time you’re heading out on the river, consider renting gear and in exchange your trip down the river will flow exactly how you want it to!