8 Things You Always Need when you are Outside in the Mountains

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8 Things You Always Need when you are Outside in the Mountains

Spending time on a hike or walk through the mountains can be a great experience.  However, the mountains can also pose dangerous threats. Therefore, it is important to consider bringing these eight items when you are outside in the mountains:

Water: Your body needs hydration when walking or hiking in the mountains especially in the high elevation. Always bring plenty of water along. If you are going for an extended hike, bring water purification tablets, or filter for emergency use.

Mt. Sherman

Source: Megan Bronsther

Good Shoes: Good shoes are essential to a safe and comfortable hike, walk, or camping trip in the mountains. Make sure to bring a sturdy, closed-toe pair that fit properly to avoid blisters and foot pain.

Sunscreen: The sun is more intense at higher altitude and can cause severe sunburn in the mountains. Slather on sunscreen on all exposed areas even on cloudy days.

Cell phone: Even if you are trying to disconnect from technology while in the mountains, bring along a cell phone. If an emergency were to arise, a cell phone can be a lifesaver. A cell phone can also be used as a compass, flashlight, or map if needed.

Rain jacket/sweatshirt: Afternoon rains storms and frequent changes in weather are a common occurrence in the mountains. Be

Source: Megan Bronsther

Source: Megan Bronsther

prepared with an extra layer to shelter you from harsh conditions even if the forecast is sunny and warm.

Snack: Your body utilizes a lot of energy when moving around at high altitude. A granola bar or even a sandwich can provide an extra boost should you need it.

Whistle:  A whistle is a great tool should you find yourself in an emergency situation. A whistle can alert passersby that you are in danger and need help and can also scare off dangerous wildlife.

Navigation: Don’t leave home without a map or GPS in hand when exploring the mountains.  It is easy to get turned around on long hikes and proper navigation can remove the risk of being out after dark.

Other items to consider include a knife, matches, a first aid kit, and emergency shelter.  Always make sure someone knows exactly where you are going and better yet, bring a buddy along with you. When in doubt, bring the item with you. It is always better to have too many items with you than too few. The important thing is to stay safe and enjoy your time in the mountains.