All Access Pass to Climbing 14ers

All Access Pass to Climbing 14ers

A “fourteener”, or 14er, is what Colorado locals call a mountain that is over 14,000 feet in elevation from sea level.  Some Colorado locals have climbed one of these peaks and live to tell the tale of it.  Just kidding!  From easy to difficult routes, most any hiker can do at least one fourteener.  Hikers from all over the world climb Colorado‘s breathtaking peaks, with the state boasting the largest number of peaks soaring over 14,000 feet than any other state.  The Colorado Mountain Club even keeps the names of individuals who have climbed every 58 14er in the Centennial state!  One of the first rules you should remember is to climb a mountain as early as possible, you should be on the summit of any fourteener Like with any excursion into the wilderness, it is imperative that you go prepared!



*Snacks: think calorie rich items like CLIF Bars and trail mix.


*Hat to protect from the sun

*Layers: a sunny day can turn into a stormy day very quickly!!

*Waterproof Rain Jacket

*Hiking boots



*Headlamp: for those worst case scenarios when you’re on the mountain later than you should be and need to find your way down.

*Watch: helpful for if your phone dies and to time your progress on the mountain so you reach the summit when you should!

*Knife or multi-tool




*Trash bag

*First aid kit/emergency supplies

mountains-374429_1280Quintessential Fourteener Hikes:

Mount Elbert: Tallest peak in Colorado, sits in the Sawatch Range.

Quandary Peak: Short & sweet, sits in the Tenmile Range and can be accessed via Breckenridge.

Gray’s Peak: One of the highest points in the Continental Divide and has one of the most well-maintained fourteener trails in the state.

This insider’s tip is to visit the hot springs right after a grueling hike of reaching a mountain’s summit.  Hot Springs are scattered throughout the state of Colorado and offer hot, natural mineral water baths for you to relax and reflect on the incredible day you spent in the outdoors.  Come join us in colorful Colorado and speak with one of our adventure experts at (970)-423-7036 to learn how to make your summer Colorado vacation even more unforgettable!