Best Christmas Gifts for your River-Loving Friends and Family

Best Christmas Gifts for your River-Loving Friends and Family

Wondering what to buy that river rafting rat you love so much this holiday season? We have you covered with some great choices that they will adore. These top gifts will really make your friends and family wonder how they ever lived without them.

Up first on the list is Neoprene Socks

These socks are amazing and make a huge difference in stopping the shock of some mountain rafting. The water temp in those towns are based on snow melt. It can be upwards of fifty degrees in summer, making these socks a prime pick for those cold toes!

Wool anything is a great gift

Wool holds 70% of the body’s heat giving your paddler some extra heat they might be needing in the early spring and fall season.

Looking for something personalized?

Try a personalized paddle bag. Whether their a kayaker, rafter, and canoer; everyone wants to protect their send stick. This will truly set them apart from everyone else.

The classic stocking-stuffers are some of the most important gear a guide or private boater can have.

  • Whistle
  • First Aid Kit
  • Harmonica
  • Carabiners
  • Chums
  • High grade SPD sun screen
  • LiL Sucker (best beer holder a boater can ever want)
  • River Maps
  • Head Lamp
  • Boat repair kit (tear-aid or aqua seal)
  • Water Filter (Sawyer)
  • Hydro Flask or Nalgene
  • Power packs

For a night under the stars on the river banks

We got those guys covered as well, let’s run through a few.

Camping Overnight Colorado

  • Pack up a Paco Pad with a bow and bring the biggest smile to guy or gal sleeping outside.
  • A cooler is the bread and butter of the over night gear.
  • The best case for the just in case is a Pelican Case. These guys hold all your gear and keep it dry and safe should you flip or flop yourself into the water.
  • On that note, cam straps make great gifts to make sure they don’t lose any gear as they travel down the river.
  • In case you roll, a river knife is an awesome additional to any boaters PDF pack for those just in case moments.
  • Dry bags keep all you camp gear warm and dry. A wet sleeping bag is the worst night of sleep you’ll have on the river.

For those family members who you’re looking to buy a bit of a bigger gift

  • A Dry-Suit is on the most have list of any person going near the water for activities during the winter, spring, or fall season. These guys can be pricey, but they are worth every inch of fabric there made with.
  • A pair of polarized shades is the best move you can make for a boater. Polarized takes out all the glare off the top of the water.

You’ll have one happy camper opening these amazing gifts. Might we add customizing any of these options with personalized colors they love or engravings. This really adds an extra I love you to your gift!