Best Hikes For Dogs

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Best Hikes For Dogs

There’s an abundance of furry companions all over the mountain towns in Colorado; it seems like every household you go to there’s at least one dog living there.  We live in a great area to own a pet since the majority of extracurricular activities in the high country take place outdoors.  The only time one really has to worry about having their pup tag along is when they’re exploring a national park or natural area that the state is trying to preserve.  Totally understandable, we want to keep Colorado beautiful as long as possible too!  Here are some great hikes in Colorado’s Rockies to take your dog on:

A popular hike just outside of Breckenridge is Spruce Creek / Mohawk Lakes Trail.  The whole trek is just under 9 miles out and back.  Don’t feel like you need to hike the whole way to have a good adventure – every step of this trail is beautiful.  The dogs will have a water source throughout the whole hike so you won’t have to worry about carrying much.  Rated as moderate, this shouldn’t be the first place you go once you get into town, but definitely add it to your list after a few warm ups.

Don’t let the 1,400 feet of elevation gain on the West Fork of Clear Creek trail in Parshall, CO scare you… the best part about this trail is that it’s in National Forest land – meaning your pup can be off leash!  Registering at only 3 miles in length, this loop is on the shorter side and good to squeeze in one sunny afternoon.

Lily Pad Lake Trail sits high up in the Wildernest neighborhood of Silverthorne.  If you’re looking for gorgeous views, this is the place to go.  Be cautious of wildlife here: moose are known to frequent the area and are not big fans of our fuzzy sidekicks.  This is a pretty popular hike in Summit County as well, so be sure to leash your dogs out of respect to other adventurers.

Staying in Vail Valley?  Check out Booth Falls Trail just outside of town.  Almost 5 miles of breathtaking views are in store for you and your pets here, and being rated moderately trafficked means you may have the trail to yourself every now and then.   Stretch out the legs before you begin and be sure to bring treats for the pups as the trail is pretty steep but the reward is well worth it.

If you are headed further west of the Continental Divide, Steamboat Springs has a few great hikes that dogs love just as much as their humans.  One favorite is Mad Creek Trail just 20 minutes north of town.  The excursion starts along a breathtaking cliffside and eventually opens up to a valley which is home to a historic cabin.  Keep heading into the wild and after a handful of miles you can soak your sore muscles in the popular Strawberry Park Hot Springs.  Mad Creek is a great trail to camp off of, and your dogs are guaranteed to be tuckered out by the end of your trip.

You can’t go wrong taking the pups out exploring, and hopefully this list will help you out next time you venture out!