Best Hot Springs in Colorado

Posted by on May 15, 2017 in Destinations, Hot Springs

Natural hot springs are quite a luxury. Everybody like hot springs, especially after you’ve had a long day of whitewater rafting; hot, soothing waters are a nice change as opposed to cold river water. There is nothing bad about a natural hot tub formed into the ground that has natural healing properties derived from the ancient diffused minerals in the water from the mountain. There are many locations throughout Colorado that are home to hot springs. All of which are nice, but you won’t have time to visit them all in one vacation. Take a look at some of the most popular and best hot springs in Colorado to narrow down your options.

Free fun is usually the best fun. If you’re ever in or near Carbondale, take a detour on over to the Penny Hot Springs. This area is publicly accessible and has a small parking area for inhabitants. The area around the hot springs is a nice, beautiful view. The only (slight, and unimportant) downside is that you might have to ‘shovel’ out a seat in the ground at the springs.

One of my personal favorites is the Yampah Spa in Glenwood Springs. They offer geothermal stream baths and have a serene and tranquilizing hot steam environment in their Vapor Caves. These sub-level caves are filled with soothing ‘mountain vapors’ that put the body and mind at peace.

Strawberry Hot Springs

Courtesy Strawberry Hot Springs Facebook

Perhaps some of the most well-known hot springs in Colorado will suit your fancy. Steamboat Springs has many cabins for people who are looking for an extended stay. Strawberry Park Hot Springs offers a family friend swimming/hot spring area in the day. However, at night, the area becomes a bit of a party zone.

Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort in Nathrop is another Colorado ‘hot spot’. This place has it all. The resort offer natural hot springs as well as human-made pools, all of which are heated geothermally. The human-made pools even sport a water slide for the energy-driven young ones in the group. But of course, the best part is the relaxing hot spring pools!

According to Colorado River Rentals, hitting up hot springs in Colorado is a pretty common way to unwind from a day of rafting on cold, rushing whitewater. Some people may cringe at the thought of more water afterwards; but assuredly, hot springs will make your body melt… in a good way!