Best Sledding Hills in Summit County

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Best Sledding Hills in Summit County

Winter is fast approaching and the ski resorts are all preparing to open. Most of us are getting ready for the skiing and boarding season, but we have been forgetting about one major area of fun to be had in the snow: SLEDDING! Sledding is an age-old classic that is perfect for kiddos and older folks, a great way to get a quick thrill and bring some child-like nostalgia into your life.

If you stop by City Market in Breckenridge or Safeway in Frisco, you can find some plastic sleds for a decent price if you don’t already have your own. Inner tubes supply another great way to make your way down the hill. If you’re not up for spending any money there are always house hold items that can be used: trash can lids, cookie tray, or the very traditional cardboard box. No matter what sledding instrument you decide on, consider safety before making your way down the hill.  Knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet are not frowned upon in the sledding industry. Protect that face of yours from sporadic powdery snow shots and be sure to wear gloves in case hand-braking needs to be initiated.  Last but not least, always check that you have a clear path way free of people and debris.

Carter Park is already a well-known spot to bring your pups to play, but it also makes for some exquisite sledding in the snowy months. Bring the whole family to the park including your furry friends and sled, play on the playground, throw Fido some snowballs, and all around enjoy the wondrous winter season in style. Build up some jumps on the side of the hill so you can practice some cool tricks and show off to your friends.

Frisco Adventure Park is a blast, but is definitely a bit more commercialized: you have to pay to get in. The fee isn’t too bad and their sledding hill is top of the line, so the fun to be had is worth every penny. Lanes that are 1,200 feet long keep everyone a little safer and in their own area, so collisions tend to happen less frequently than they would on just your typical park hill.

For younger kiddos or someone just want to nice simple ride, stop by Rainbow Park in Silverthorne. The hills are not quite as steep and the runs aren’t are significantly shorter than others, so this is a safe one for those of all ages. Rainbow Park is a definite hot spot during all seasons, so always think about safety before heading down your run.

While the mountains may be known for the skiing and boarding hills, their sledding hills are a more affordable, fun option for one afternoon of your vacation. Try your hand at this classic winter activity and head out and sled! Be sure to stay away from the ski resort slopes with your sled, it’s illegal and would be quite dangerous with the amount of skiers and snowboarders riding down already.  With all that in mind… break out your gear, hike up a hill and get your sled on!