Colorado River Rental’s Suggestion on Best Whitewater Rafting Shoes

Colorado River Rental’s Suggestion on Best Whitewater Rafting Shoes

One of the most common questions we get at Colorado River Rentals is what type of shoes are best for whitewater rafting. There are many options that do the trick, but there are definitely some choices that stand out among others.

The basics are as follows:

  1. Make sure the footwear is secure on your feet.  Flip flops or crocs are a no-go due to sliding off of your foot in the raft or the water.
  2. Understand the risk of an open toe shoe.  Though Chacos and Tevas are popular on the river, if you go for a swim your toes will be exposed and may result in an injury.

Here are our top three river shoe options you can purchase for your next whitewater adventure.

NRS Freestyle Water Shoes

Tried and true, one of the best types of footwear for whitewater rafting is, you guessed it, the WATER SHOE! This option gives you a couple benefits – lets go through some specs.

  • This water shoe is very secure on your foot, ensuring protection as it also is close toed
  • The composition is made from neoprene, keeping your feet warm in the cold mountain rivers
  • This model includes protective rubber on the toe and heel for protection while walking, and the neoprene cuff on the top grips around your ankle to keep out debris such as rocks, sand, and dirt

If you plan to be in the water often, these shoes are the best go-to for a successful trip and comfortable feet.

Astral Loyak Water Shoes

Comfortable, light, and not a bad style choice, the Astral Loyak Water Shoe is an affordable and dependable option for a great water shoe that will be sure to last.

  • The rubber sole is very grippy allowing you to walk on slippery rocks with ease
  • With a bit more support than a typical water shoe, this is a perfect match if you plan to be walking in the river or hiking as well
  • This shoe also features two drain holes on the side so that you don’t have water sloshing on your feet the entire trip

KEEN Newport Hydro Sandals

If you spend a lot of time on the water, investing in some Keen sandals may be an awesome idea for you. The Keen sandal is great for all types of adventures and offers a very strong sole that will allow you to comfortably hike long distances without getting sore feet.

  • These sandals are equipped with plenty of room for your feet to breathe while still protecting your toes
  • If you’re heading out during a chilly-water time of year, pair these sandals with neoprene water socks for ultimate comfort and warmth

All of these options provide different perks for your day on the water. The upside to all of these options is that they are close toed which provides great protection if you happen to take a swim or do some walking in the river.  Prep for your next river trip by snagging a great pair of shoes, then call Colorado River Rentals for all of your gear needs!