Camping in Rocky Mountain National Park

Posted by on Jul 6, 2017 in Camping, Destinations
Camping in Rocky Mountain National Park

Whether you are camping in luxury with your RV, taking a tent with the family, or going on a full blown minimalistic backpacking adventure, camping in Rocky Mountain National Park offers it all. Experience beautiful scenery consisting of pristine lakes, daunting peaks, and lush forests. Wildlife ranging from elk to black bear roam these parts, so be careful and keep your eyes and ears open. Discover Colorado in the best way possible by exploring Rocky Mountain National Park’s several campgrounds.

Aspenglen Campground – Open April 30 – September 27

This campground offers equal parts sunshine and shade, with meadows filled with wildflowers and grasses as well as forests of pines and firs. Able to accommodate RV’s and tent sites, this is a great area for families and older folks looking for a relaxed getaway without the hassle of hiking to your destination. Firewood and ice are for sale seasonally, with potable water available for guests seasonally (for free) as well. At just $26/night, this site boasts 5 star aesthetics for a fraction of the price. There are great hiking trails all around this site. Come and explore the area during the day and roast some weenies and marshmallows over the campfire at night!

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Backcountry Camping

Leave the crowds behind and enjoy nature at its finest, with just you and friends or family. There is no better way to connect with a group of people than to spend a few days alone exploring a breathtaking area with them, tackling everyday challenges of getting to camp on time, rationing food, and possibly summiting a few peaks. No story is complete without challenge or adversity. Backpacking will certainly offer these things, giving you tales to take back home and tell coworkers and friends alike. Obtain a permit through Rocky Mountain National Parks and hit the trails on a multiday adventure, armed with a map obtainable on their website. Capture uncommon sights only accessible through these remote trails. Call or book your permit online. This is truly the best way to experience Rocky Mountain National Park.


Expect to see a diverse range of wildlife when visiting Rocky Mountain National Park, especially when staying for an extended period. Common sightings include Moose, Elk, Deer, Bighorn Sheep, and Coyotes. Less common sightings include Mountain Lions and Bears. Campers and backpackers must take precautions to secure their cookware and food by using bear bags (a method of hanging food contaminated items in trees) to keep bears away. Bears have extremely powerful noses and can smell food from miles away. Not to worry, though, bears are very shy creatures and even more timid. They are very fearful of people and loud noises as they have very poor vision and will run away if you make yourself look big and noisy. Aside from these large mammals, expect to see a selection of over 270 species of birds. Additionally, Rocky Mountain National Park’s rivers and streams are home to cutthroat trout, suckers, and sculpins, particularly in the southern portion of the park.