Coolest Colorado Hikes

Posted by on Jul 21, 2017 in Hiking

There are tons of amazing things to do in Colorado, from rafting to biking to even horseback riding. One thing everyone here will agree on is that hikes are out of this world. There are countless trails and trips for hiking in this spectacular state, so to help you narrow down your selection here are a few of the coolest hikes in Colorado.

Crater Lake
One of the easier hikes on the list, but a great short hike none the less. The trailhead begins at Maroon Lake viewing the iconic Maroon Bells. The hike continues to provide breathtaking views all the way to the magnificent Crater Lake.

Mount Sniktau
Keeping it simple, this hike is going to be a perfect 13er for beginners. This beautiful ridge hike near Loveland Pass offers amazing panoramic views of mountains for miles. An easy 4 mile out-and-back hike with simple trailhead accessibility.

Caribou Lake
This 8 mile trip that will be a favorite with all the amazing views it has to offer. It’s still a fairly easy hike with some amazing fishing in the lake. If you want to spend a day hiking and fishing this is the trip for you.

Mount Elbert Peak
Want to be able to say you’re the highest person in North America? There is a chance you could be if you were to hike the highest peak in Colorado! Mount Elbert is not going to be a very difficult hike, but will have some of the best 360 views around.

Lost Man Loop
A bit of longer hike of nearly 9 miles, but without much elevation change. This not too difficult of a trek. With 9 miles to cover there are plenty of chances to view neat wildlife around an of the 3 lakes you will pass while traveling around the continental divide.

Blue Lakes Trail
Another hike that is going to cover around 9 miles this spectacular trail leads you through some lush wild life on your way to the three eye popping Blue lakes.

Longs Peak
Moving on to some more advanced trails this 14 and a half mile trip is on the tallest mountain in Rocky Mountain National Park. You will be going up 5,000 feet in elevation throughout this hike, so expect a challenge with a rewarding view at the top.

La Plata Peak
Located right in the middle of a long range of 14ers, the view from the peak will be unforgettable! Its going to be a pretty strenuous hike, but not to worry you can always jump in the Twin Lakes at the bottom for a refreshing cool off.

Four Pass Loop
 Four Pass Loop in the Maroon Bells Wilderness will be an adventure that will never float far from your lifetime memories. As the name implies, you’ll trek over four mountain passes during this four-day hike while exploring beautiful alpine lakes, magnificent fields of wildflowers, and amazing waterfalls. With over 8,000 feet of elevation gain, this hike is not to be taken lightly so be sure to come prepared, but with great views of the most beautiful wilderness areas in Colorado, every step will be well worth it.

Telluride’s Via Ferrata
For those wanting more than just a hike, Telluride’s Via Ferrata is going to be an advanced adventure for those who literally like to live on the edge. Part hiking, part climbing, this adventure leads explorers across iron roads along a vertical cliffside. Telluride’s thrilling route traverses two miles of sheer cliffs and narrow ledges above this picture-perfect view of Telluride. Bridal Veil Falls tumbles 365 feet over a cliff in the background.