How Inflatable Kayaks Take Rafting in Colorado to the Next Step

Posted by on Jun 22, 2018 in Colorado River, Kayaking
How Inflatable Kayaks Take Rafting in Colorado to the Next Step

Inflatable kayaks, also known as “duckies”, can make a normal trip down the river more exciting. They typically hold one or two people and are operated like a normal hard-shell kayak with a double-sided paddle, making them great exercise. Here’s why inflatable kayaks can take rafting in Colorado to the next step.  If you’re taking on some milder rapids on the Upper Colorado River, but your 15 year old is looking for a bit more excitement, having them venture around in an inflatable kayak is the way to go.

1. It gives you a little more adventure

One of the most convenient things about the kayaks is you don’t need a whole team of buddies to get out there, you can venture out on a duckie with just you and one other person.  If you’re out with a crew of people, it gives you a little more freedom to explore the corners of the area you’re rafting without dragging everyone else along with you.

2. Inflatable kayaks are portable

A great feature about inflatable kayaks as compared to full-sized rafts or hard-shell kayaks is that they are extremely portable. Deflated, they can fit into a large backpack or a duffle bag.  That means you don’t need that massive roof rack or truck to lug it around, and if you have a short jaunt to where you’re putting the kayak in you won’t be absolutely exhausted by the time you get there.

Inflatable Kayak

3. They’re great for milder whitewater

You obviously don’t want to send it down a Class V stretch of whitewater in an inflatable kayak, but these self-bailing vessels are perfect for Class II rapids that you want to make a little more intense. Self-bailing means that as you are making your way down the river and as water splashes into the boat, the kayak is not filling up with water as one might think without the seal that holds kayakers in hard-shell. They are designed to handle the bumps and knocks of whitewater with their hard bottoms made with thick material.

4. Beginner or more, these are great for everyone

Another great thing about inflatable kayaks is they are great for beginners. Even a first timer on the river can enjoy the trip as they cruise down. The have a wide base making balancing over waves much easier for beginners making the initial learning process much less frustrating as opposed to hard-shell kayaks.  On the opposite hand, those who have spent a bit of time on the whitewater will still enjoy venturing around in the inflatable kayaks.

5. They’ll take the whitewater you’re on to the next step

As we said, you’ll feel a lot more movement and splashed in an inflatable kayak.  If you and your family are taking a raft out and you have a few that want to do a bit more than float, get them in an inflatable kayak!

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