How to Stay Safe on the Colorado River

How to Stay Safe on the Colorado River

Whether you are rafting, kayaking, SUPing, fishing, camping, or simply heading to enjoy the beautiful waterways of Colorado; knowing the most up to date flow conditions is beyond important. We are rooted in the river and will always work to do what we can to better help others be prepared, knowledgeable, and safe while on the water. In addition to our guided tours, we also offer incredible deals on equipment rentals for those who are experienced and comfortable enough to take to the river on their own.

No. 1: Know the CFS of the River before you start on your rafting trip

It is important to understand how river flows work, and know exactly what the river is flowing out before you embark on a rafting adventure. River flows can change from day to day and you need to be prepared for bigger waves, or maybe even more exposed rocks. Staying informed in the most important rule before going rafting, but it is not the only measure you need to take to stay safe.

No. 2: Make sure everyone who is rafting knows all of the safety protocols before pushing off the shore

There are many best practices while rafting and even though most situations very rarely occur, you always want to be prepared in case you find yourself in a situation you were not expecting. A very important rule is to never stand up in swift moving water. This is how you get a foot entrapment and while you get stuck the river keeps pushing you forward. There are many safety measures that need to be taken on the river.

Always have a plan for every situation that you can encounter while on the river.

No. 3: Wear your PFD at all times

While there are sections of the Colorado River that can seem pretty calm, it is very important to keep you PFD on at all times. Moving rivers can have unexpected currants, and the best way to stay safe is to always have your PFD on.

No. 4: Make sure you know how to navigate the rapids

There are a few class II and one class III rapids on the Colorado River between Pump-house and Rancho del Rio. If you are going to be guiding a boat, then we highly recommend have sitting in the boat with an expert before so. Navigating rapids can be tricky and it is always best to practice with a guide in the boat before taking friends and family.

No. 5: Don’t mix alcohol and rafting

It can be tempting to enjoy some cold beverages while on the river, but when navigating a moving river it is always best to have a clear mind. Enjoy a celebratory beer after your rafting trip!