Inflatable Kayaks: Top Adventure for all Water Enthusiasts in Colorado

Inflatable Kayaks: Top Adventure for all Water Enthusiasts in Colorado

No matter how much you love water or being on the water, water sports can definitely be intimidating. Inflatable kayaks are a great option for introducing yourself to water sports. You don’t need to be an experienced rafter or kayaker to enjoy inflatable kayaks. It can be a great way to tackle a class I and II river.

Colorado is a beautiful place to experience time on the water in so many different ways. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie, a first timer, or a boy scout troop, being on the waters of Colorado’s rivers is truly a magical experience. One of the great things about beginning your water sport experience in Colorado is the variety in classes of water available.


Inflatable kayaks are a safe way to learn how to navigate the river because unlike normal kayaks you are not enclosed with the risk of overturning. Your inflatable kayak could dump you out but you will have your life jacket and be able to easily flip it over and hop back in.

Tipping isn’t likely but it also isn’t to scary.


This is a great way to stay in control and learn first hand how to navigate the river. When you are in a boat with others and listening to the guide, you are less likely to make decisions about reading the river.

This is such a fun way to learn, and take the experience into your own hands. Not mention you will get a killer work out.


The Colorado River in Kremmling is an ideal spot for any river beginner for several reasons, but the most prevalent is definitely how mellow the water is. You can expect to find class 1-2-3 water throughout this stretch which makes it a perfect spot for inflatable kayaks (duckies).

Perfect for multi-level groups

These are perfect for those on a family or group trip with one or two people who are more adventurous than the rest of the group as it will give them the opportunity for a big more freedom and adventure while still staying fairly close to the group.


You do not have to be a skilled boatman to be able to navigate down the river, but you should absolutely still be adamant to listen to your guides commands should he or she call any on your journey. The minimum age for a guided inflatable kayak trip is 10 years old or older. You will be paddling, so be sure that you are ready and capable of moving your arms the majority of your trip. The water in Colorado stays very cold all year around, so be sure to be aware of and prepared for that as well as the physicality of being outdoors for an extended period of time.

So are you ready to give inflatable kayaks a try? From a local Colorado resident, this has been a top adventure for me, my friends and family no matter what their experience is. Come and join us soon!