Lunch Ideas for the River

Posted by on Jul 17, 2016 in Family Trips, Food, Summer, Travel
Lunch Ideas for the River

When coming up with a packing list for full day or multi-day river trips, rafters often forget to plan for meals throughout–particularly lunch.  After a long morning in the hot sun, it’s important to pack a lunch full of substance and healthy calories to keep up your energy for the remainder of the trip.  Here are some easy lunch ideas that don’t require much prep or re-heating:

kid-995405_1280Bagels with lox or smoked salmon–This breakfast favorite works just as well for lunch.  Smear with cream cheese and add sliced onion or tomato to add to the smoky flavor.

Peanut butter, jelly, and pickle sandwich–Sweet, salty and packed with protein, this combo is a favorite for kids and adults alike.  Just make sure to keep your peanut butter out of the sun to avoid melting.

Pitas with summer sausage, cheese, and hummus–Pre-make these protein packed bad boys up the night before and they’ll make for a quick meal during your trip.  Pair with cut up veggies or pretzels to scoop up any leftover hummus.

Thai peanut chicken salad–Mix chopped chicken, celery, peanuts, and Thai peanut sauce together.  Serve on soft pita bread or mix into a salad for a healthier twist.  Go light on the peanut sauce as some brands tend to be extra spicy.

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