Not your Typical Business Meeting

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Not your Typical Business Meeting

It’s that time of the year. You know it. It’s called business planning, quarterly board meetings, mid year reviews, whatever you want to call it, but all in all most of those meetings are boring and exhausting.

Do those meetings have to take place in a dull conference room? Not quite! Time to think outside of the box. Literally out of the office box. Get your team outside and get those bodies moving on a raft.

ABC_6122Whether it is on one of our guided tours or on your own renting a 16′ raft to lead your own adventure, there is just something about bonding while on the water that just makes a team spirit come alive. Creating memories and past times is what makes the team bond stronger, overall making your team communication stronger. Kick off your meeting in your typical office, but, before the scheduled meeting, give your team a list of “what to pack.” I like surprises and I know most people do too. The suspense will be worth it as you hold those serious conversations in the boardroom and then surprise them with a trip they won’t forget.

Arkansas Valley Adventures provides fun in more than just one way. Whether the group wants rafting, ziplining, rock climbing, rappelling, or horseback riding, there is something for everyone. Wanna stay overnight? No problem! Come watch the stars as they dot the Arkansas Valley sky and illuminate brighter than you have ever seen before.

DSC_8546We all know happy employees are productive and motivated employees. Developing employees is what twenty- first century management is about. Development happens when a safe place is created alongside the elimination of cell phones, laptops and other distractions. Campfires, s’mores, and stars.

Getting to know your team in a different setting teaches you more about their personalities and allows insight into their career and personal goals. Get engaged with them, learn from them and connect. The core of the business is within your team. Invest time and energy and the output and reward will benefit your overall organization.Your team will thank their lucky stars after this and, heck, they’ll even thank you for such an amazing experience!