Our Favorite Rafting Videos

Posted by on Jan 11, 2016 in Colorado River Trip Stories, Rafting
Our Favorite Rafting Videos

What’s more fun than watching some amazing footage of white water hijinx and all around river madness? Nothing when it’s not you, am I right?! So strap on your helmet, wetsuit and personal couch GoPro as you enjoy the wet and wild sometime (mis)adventures!

Tubing the Upper Gauley
There is more to life than just a raft…how bout the original tube itself? Every decent American has tubed some whitewater in their time. Personally I like the ease of a nice summer float, but pleeeeeaassse check this crazy tubing action out and next time, ditch the bath water for some more action!

Toxaway Gorge
Let’s get the kayaks into action now, as this group takes on some real terror. Don’t forget to also watch for the big smiles as they kill this rock and water extravaganza!! PS-This is sweet.

Rio Blanco
More kayaking wonder in this one; watch as these crazies go full on in Argentina. This is a locals secret and not for the tame for sure. This is an amazing example of what you can do with that little piece of plastic that stands between you and danger. Obviously these are experts and needless to say “DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME”. …ha ha, I should hope you won’t, but maybe stick with the local creeks instead!

French Alps
Now it’s time to get back to the real deal – white water on an actual raft! Who knew the French Alps had more than stunning powder to offer? Well this video proves it forever. Another locals’ secret: don’t tell anyone how cold the water is from the French Alps melt-off, but hey at least you’ll know a fresh glass of water awaits.

Ah, the white water from around the world, such a wonder. No matter what vessel you choose as your weapon, the rapids await. Snow melt-off or dam control water is all the same when it comes to adventure and all the excitement you can enjoy. So, get out there, go tubing, rock some kayaking, or get in a raft and don’t forget to take in the surroundings all around you as you tempt fate and say hello to Mother Nature in your own unique way!