3 Ways Investing in a Paco Pad Will Change Your Life Your Next Overnight Rafting Trip in Colorado

3 Ways Investing in a Paco Pad Will Change Your Life Your Next Overnight Rafting Trip in Colorado

If you spend any amount of time out on the river, especially participating in overnight rafting, kayaking, or canoeing excursions, having the perfect place to lay your head at night is essential. Not only do you want somewhere comfortable, but you want something that will be reliable and last for many trips to come. If you have been asking yourself what you can do to invest in your personal comfort in the outdoors, this is the perfect article for you. Today we will go through 3 reasons why you should invest in an NRS Paco Pad before your next wild river expedition.

1. Paco Pads take Camping Comfort to the Next Level

The biggest, and most important aspect of the investment in a Paco Pad is the comfort that it offers. The pad is 1.5 inches thick, combining a mobile yet extremely comfortable design. The High-Density Firm foam interior provides ultimate comfort for a wonderful night’s sleep.  Don’t worry about uneven or rocky ground, your Paco Pad will eliminate that discomfort leaving you well rested and ready to head out on the river bright and early the next morning.

2. Paco Pads are Durable

Not only is the Paco Pad comfortable, but it also offers extreme durability that will last for many trips to come.  First of all, the pad is made by NRS who have been offering some of the most reliable and high-end river equipment for years. Second, the exterior of the pad is made from 18 oz. PVC-coated polyester which is extremely durable. This will be able to handle the rough treatment of years of outdoor use. The welded seams offer a completely air and water-tight exterior and the reinforced corners protect point on the sleeping pad that get the most wear and tear. Finally, the sleeping pad can be wrapped up with top grade compression straps that will be sure to last for the lifetime of the product.

3. Versatility of Paco Pads are Great

Another reason that the NRS Paco Pad is the go-to for your next sleeping pad purchase is the variety of functions that it can serve. The sleeping pad, as we mentioned earlier, is extremely durable which gives you the option of using it to pad raft frames. Since it is composed of high-density foam and the PVC-coated polyester exterior, the sleeping pad can also serve the function of insulating coolers and making sure that your beers stay ice cold. The twist-open self-inflating valves also offer easy inflation. These valves are extremely durable as well, and as we mentioned are air and water tight. This allows you to take this pad down the river for an adventurous float down some rapids. Feeling pasty? Inflate your paco pad, lay back, and soak in the sun while floating on your favorite river, lake, or reservoir.

Overall, the Paco Pad is a creation of some extreme ingenuity and focuses on some of the aspects that raft guides love in an option to purchase in a sleeping pad. The comfort of the product allows you to sleep easy and be well-rested for your next section of river. The durability ensures that this will be a great investment and last for years of river use. The Versatility allows you to use this as a multi-function product and have a lot of fun with it as well! This is an awesome investment for any outdoor enthusiast. Make sure to pick up the NRS Paco Pad for your next river adventure!