5 Reasons August is a Great Time to go on a Private Rafting Trip in Colorado

5 Reasons August is a Great Time to go on a Private Rafting Trip in Colorado

It’s that time of the year where the high water and upper class rapids are close to non-existent, but there are still some great river adventures to be had this August.  Ready for the weekend of a lifetime?  Rent some river gear and head out on a private rafting trip!  Here are 5 reasons August is a great time for this excursion.

1. A More Intimate Experience

Whether you may be rafting with your family or a group of friends, a private trip will allow for you to connect with your family and friends more easily, without worry for others. Memories on the water are best created in a carefree environment, after all. If more than one boat is involved in the trip, this means more splash fights, the potential for ‘raft piracy’, and twice as much fun. On overnight trips, this means better family bonding time around the fire and more potential rowdiness for bachelor and bachelorette parties. Team building with corporate groups may ensue without distraction, and overall more memories are made for all sorts of groups. Private rafting trips are the perfect outing for all occasions and will leave you with the best of memories on the river.

2. Go at Your Own Pace

Want to pull over to check out the scenery?  Great, do it.  Want to set up camp early and enjoy the afternoon along the shore?  Great, do it.  There is no worry about getting in the way of other people on the trip, and time constraints (aside from daylight) are not an issue. Whether we want to raft like Vikings chagrining into battle or simply float and enjoy the scenery, a private trip lets you do whichever. This allows us to do extra swimming, and maybe even some extra cliff and rock jumping depending on which stretch of river you’re exploring.

3. It Gives You A Little More Freedom

If you’re out exploring for a bachelor or bachelorette party, it’s difficult to wait until you take out for the evening to crack open a cold one.  If you have a crew that is familiar with the river and knows what you’re doing, being able to drink a beer in the afternoon Colorado sunshine is one of the biggest perks to taking your own raft out.  As always, be smart… but have fun doing it.

4. Perfect for Large Groups

Private trips are excellent for larger groups, whether yours may be a bachelor party, family reunion, bachelorette party, or corporate team building event. You all can work together to decide where to camp, or split off for a bit if that’s what you feel like doing.  Private rafting trips allow a large group of people to do whatever they please.  You won’t have to get from point A to point B in a specific amount of time.  Just make a plan in advance, then meet back up with the crew for the evening at the campsite you previously designated.

5. The River Slows Down Tremendously

Not talking about water flows, though that is true as well.  Everyone loves June and July for rafting due to the higher water levels, but when heading out on an overnight trip it’s better to avoid the bigger rapids.  Why?  Someone will be rowing a gear boat.  If you’ve mastered this technique on Class IV or V rapids then by all means, go for it.  Generally, there aren’t many people that have and the calmer rapids are much easier to navigate.  You also won’t be sharing the river with hundreds of other people.  Summer break is almost over and school is practically back in session – that’s why August is a great time to head out on the river.

Now you’re sold on getting out on the river but maybe you still need some gear?  Call Colorado River Rentals today.