What Colorado Rivers are Still Runnable in November 2018?

What Colorado Rivers are Still Runnable in November 2018?

As winter approaches in the Colorado Mountains many people forget the rivers and look to the ski resorts. It’s wonderful seeing all that fresh white powder on the peaks. However, for that very dedicated boater there is still one river option in the mountains that you can take a run on.

The Colorado River

The Colorado River is one of the expansive rivers in the state. The river runs 1,450 miles in length and has a longer season than any other in the state of Colorado. This wide river base allows for private boaters to get on the water during the winter season.

If you’re not interested in getting on the water this winter and just want to know your next chance to see some rapids this spring, we have you covered.

A boater’s favorite time in Colorado is hands down the month of July. 

The Eagle River

One of the earliest rivers to start and end its season in Colorado is the Eagle. It’s located in Vail, Colorado and has some extremely versatile sections on it. The Lower Eagle is a great section for families with children six and above.

Happen to be in the Vail area looking to spice it up without the family, the Dowd Chute is where you want to be. This heart pumping section of the river is a class IV and is great for anyone with experience in white water in the early season.

The Arkansas River

One of the most popular rivers to run in Colorado is the Arkansas River. It’s known for its class V section called Pine Creek that features large, fast deep drops. This river has many sections experience, the most family friendly being the Browns Canyon. This section is great for ages 7 and above. Its section is also a National Monument in the state of Colorado. The class IV section know as Numbers, is perfect for anyone who’s looking to take their rafting to the next level. During high-water this is where to be. The season for this river is usually kicks off near the end of April and continues through the beginning of September.

Clear Creek

One of the most conveniently located rivers for those searching for white water is Clear Creek, located in Idaho Springs, CO. This is one of the closest runnable rivers to Denver. Don’t let this rivers location fool you though, despite it being so close to

the metropolitan area, it still gives you a punch of water from the Rocky Mountains. This river holds a class II, III,

IV, and Vsection, providing a little something for everyone. Clear Creek is famous for the gold rush that took place in Idaho Springs in 1859, and is filled with large rapids, and has a lot of Colorado history throughout.

Winter months provide the snowfall that eventually melts and creates the rapids that are what make the summer season so amazing in Colorado.

So, when you are looking for rivers to run in November and the Colorado River isn’t your jam, don’t fret. Switch it up and get up on the mountain to play in the snow. The same snow that will soon make up those hefty rapid this spring.