Spotlight: Hot Sulphur Springs

sapphire-pool-63550_1280For those visiting Grand County, CO and the Rocky Mountains, a visit to Hot Sulphur Springs is usually on the bucket list.  The unique history and geography of this Rocky Mountain town has been sought out by tourists for decades.  Whether it’s to relax, play, or learn, the town of Hot Sulphur Springs has something for everyone.

The geography of the small town was developed thirty-five thousand feet below Earth’s surface.  Volcanic rock heat is released through fissures in the Earth’s crust, allowing for seven natural springs to flow—some reaching up to 126 degrees.  Minerals found in the water include sodium, sulfate, chloride, calcium, and magnesium.  One can even drink the water with no harm to their body.

Centuries ago, The Ute Indian tribe settled their winter hunting camps around the hot springs and beneath the protective bluffs of Byers Canyon.  They bathed their livestock, children, and elderly in the water in hopes to heal their tired bodies.  In 1840, William Byers acquired the land from the Utes and began to develop the now 140 year old resort.  In 1997, The Ute tribe returned to bless the waters and build friendships with the operators.  Today, the resort has greatly increased in size and offers lodging, massages, body treatments, private pools, and even a water slide!

8-14-09 Browns  107Those looking to base an entire trip around Hot Sulphur Springs will be delighted to know that the Colorado River runs nearby.  Visitors can rent river gear including rafts, kayaks, and camping equipment in the nearby town of Kremmling.  For more information on Hot Sulphur Springs, CO or The Colorado River, contact an agent at Colorado River Rentals by calling 877-RAFTING.