The Top Summer Activities Near Kremmling Colorado.

The Top Summer Activities Near Kremmling Colorado.
Written by Geoffrey Johnson

If you travel about 100 miles northwest and 2,000 feet closer to the sun from Denver, you will find the town of Kremmling, Colorado. After a long and bitter winter, this subarctic town turns into a desert scene that looks like it was taken straight out of a classic John Wayne western. But while life has a hard time surviving in this harsh climate, fun outdoor activities thrive! High mountain peaks, steep canyons, and the confluence of many rivers around Kremmling make it the perfect playground for many different outdoor enthusiasts! Here are some of our favorite summer activities near Kremmling.

1.) Rafting, Kayaking, SUP’ing

The Upper Colorado River runs through Kremmling. This river offers rivers runners miles of gorgeous scenery to float through. Most of the river around Kremmling is long stretches of relatively calm water with a few class II rapids every now and then. Kremmling is also home to Gore Canyon. Gore Canyon is a class V section that brave kayakers and rafters from all over the country come to conquer!

2.) Off-road

Kremmling is surrounded by hundreds of miles of off-road trails. These trails welcome motorized vehicles excluding actual cars. There are many outfitters in the area that can set you up with ATV, UTV, dirt bikes, and other fun off road vehicles! Many of these trails will take you places you could never get to. There are also many open areas of land where you can drive off the trail and cruise where ever you want!

3.) Hike/Bike

If you’re looking for a nice day out with a little more peace, throw on your hiking boots or grab you bike and hit the trails. There are many trails around the Kremmling area that do not allow motors of any kind! These trails can take you all the way up to the high peaks of the Gore Mountain Range, or down to the Colorado River at the bottom of Gore Canyon!

4.) Hot Springs

Looking for a nice relaxing day after hitting the trails in Kremmling? Well right down the road is Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa that has 17 different hot spring pools varying in temperature from warm to very hot. But if you’re feeling more adventurous, head do Radium Hot Springs. Here, after a hike, you will find a natural hot spring pool right next to the Colorado River. With this hot spring right next to the water get ready to make new friends with paddlers that hop in the pool with you for a quick break from paddling!

So, if you love beautiful landscapes and outdoor activates find your way to Kremmling and you will surly find an amazing way to spend