4 Great Places to Stand Up Paddle Board in Colorado

4 Great Places to Stand Up Paddle Board in Colorado

Paddle Boarding is a super fun and demanding activity on a warm summer day in the Colorado sun. Though it takes a bit of a learning curve to get really good at it, the cool thing is anyone can do it.  Major components to paddle boarding is the board itself which and be inflatable or hard-shell form. A paddle is necessary and a personal flotation device is a must for the young adventurers and on anything that isn’t practically still water.

Colorado is a mecca for stand-up paddle boards, because it is home to almost two dozen major rivers and over one thousand reservoirs, meaning that no matter where you are located you can find some great paddle boarding close by.  Here are some great places to get out on a stand up paddle board this August in Colorado.

Lake Dillon Reservoir

Nestled in the heart of Summit county Colorado, Lake Dillon is easily accessible from the towns of Breckenridge, Frisco, Keystone, Silverthorne and Dillon. People flock from all over the world year round to experience the beauty that is Summit County, Colorado. Grab your gear and go out on the lake which features many different spots to post up and enjoy a beautiful afternoon. Try to make it to the islands in the middle if you can.  If you aren’t the proud owner of a paddle board, there are plenty of places in Frisco and Dillon to rent one for the day.

Grand Lake

Go explore the largest natural body of water in Colorado via SUP this summer.  Grand Lake offers spectacular views and it’s only a stones throw away from the heart of Rocky Mountain National Park.  This lake is the headwater of the mighty Colorado River that runs all the way into the Grand Canyon.  Venturing out on Grand Lake will keep your day mild, much like Lake Dillon, so you don’t have to worry about any rapids here.

Upper Colorado River

Step it up a bit with some Class II (and some Class III) rapids on the Upper Colorado River out of Kremmling.  You can rent a SUP from Colorado River Rental‘s outpost in town, then make your way along the river just moments away.  You’ll crank up the intensity of the milder rapids by navigating them on a stand up paddle board, and we guarantee you will have an awesome day on the river.

Lake San Cristobal

Now we are getting up close and personal with the mountains. While not as accessible as the others mentioned on this list, this scenic location will take your breath before the altitude. A few miles south of Lake City in the San Juan Mountains you will find the second largest lake in Colorado, only bested by Grand Lake. This lake is also littered with rainbow trout allowing for some awesome fishing, along with a handful of awesome wildlife that live around this habitat including elk, moose, beavers and all kinds of migrating birds. Beautiful night skies and awesome camping is offered out here. Check out some awesome waterfalls while you’re out there too!

In conclusion, if you want to go out and SUP, these spots would be prime.  Call Colorado River Rentals if you’re wanting to check out the Upper Colorado River!