The Best Time to Raft the Upper Colorado River

The Best Time to Raft the Upper Colorado River

The Colorado River

The Upper Colorado River is the beautiful beginning of one of the most famous Rivers in America. This River, that starts in the High Rockies of Colorado, goes on to fill lake Powell in Utah and lake Mead in Nevada. Along its route to the ocean, it supplies water to 40 million people! This magical river also goes through 11 national parks, including the Grand Canyon, a canyon the river carved out of the earth from its own power!

Rafting the Colorado River

Along with powering and supplying water to millions of Americans, it also provides recreation to people from all over the world! Every year, thousands of people travel to come ride the rapids of this mighty river. Rafters and kayakers can wait for a lifetime to get a permit to ride some of the famous sections of this river, most famously, the Grand Canyon.

But up in Kremmling Colorado, near the start of this majestic flow of water, is a section known as the Upper Colorado, that offers people a nice enjoyable ride down the river through some gorgeous canyons and valleys. This trip is great for everyone looking for a fun and relaxing day on the river! This trip even has calm sections of the river to swim and jump off some cliffs into the water!

Best Time to Raft the Upper Colorado River

Many water enthusiast travel to different rivers at different times of the year to hit the prime water flows.

Many wonder, when is the best time to raft the Upper Colorado river? Well, with the Upper Colorado River, it is always a great time to raft! The Upper Colorado is “ol’ reliable” when it come to rivers in the Centennial state.

This river can be rafted year round, at least until the river is too frozen over! But once it is warm enough, usually late April, you can ride this river all summer long, usually through October, until it is too cold. Most commercial companies will take you on this river from the start of May through the end of September! So, no matter when you get out to Colorado in the summer, this river is ready to give you and your friends/family a great trip!

June and July are the most popular months for this trip, but the warm weather extends through August. The weather early season around the start of May, and the start of the late season, around September and October, can be a bit chilly, but a wet suit can easily keep you comfortable.

So, no matter when you’re out here in Colorado this summer, there will be a raft ready to take you down the amazing Colorado river!