The Top 5 Colorado Instagram Pages

Posted by on Jul 11, 2017 in Destinations, Scenery, Travel
The Top 5 Colorado Instagram Pages


Do you need some inspiration for your next outdoor adventure? Want to take your next trip to Colorado to the next level? Maybe you just want to see some mountain views that will take your breath away. Whatever your reason may be, here are 5 Colorado Instagram pages you need to follow.

  1. @rockynps @blackcanyonnps @mesaverdenps

Ok, this is a three in one package on this list. These are the Instagram pages for the three national parks in Colorado – Rocky Mountain, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, and Mesa Verde.  When you look at these three accounts it makes you thankful that the National Parks Service is here to protect these beautiful and historically rich areas. If you want to see some of the coolest parts of America, check out these pages!

  1. @avarafting 

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Did you know that Colorado is world famous for some of the best white water rafting in the country… excuse me… I mean some of the best in the world?! Paddlers from all over flock to Colorado to ride the rapids on Clear Creek, the Arkansas River, the Colorado River and many more! Well, AVA Rafting & Zipline can get you a ride on just about any of the rivers in Colorado. Their Instagram is full of awesome action shots of people taking on Colorado’s whitewater. See everything from laid back float trips to the world-famous Gore Canyon, one of the most strenuous expert runs in the world. And guess what? AVA is one of the only companies that can take you down that stretch of river! But wait… there’s more! AVA’s Instagram page also shows other ways to explore Colorado, like with their zipline courses, rock climbing, horseback tours, and even hot air balloon rides!!!

  1. @coloradohikes @colorado14ers

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Another package list! If you make it to Colorado, going on a beautiful hike is an absolute must do. Colorado Hikes shows you pictures from incredible hikes from all over the state and will get you motivated to go into the woods and get some fresh air! Perhaps you want to hike and go back home with an accomplishment you can brag about. That’s where Colorado 14ers comes in! A 14’er is a peak that reaches over 14,000 feet in elevation, and Colorado has 53 of them. Hiking to the top of any 14’er is no easy feat, and if you don’t have the time or will to take on a 14’er don’t worry, Colorado 14ers will show you the view from the top!!

  1. @coloradobreweries

Colorado is ranked 3rd nationally in craft breweries per capita and ranks number 1 in terms of gross beer production. Colorado Breweries is going to show you shots taken of some masterly crafted beers and guide you through these breweries one by one. If you are spending time in Denver or Fort Collins, a craft brewery pub crawl is a must. Sometimes there are just too many options, so let Colorado Breweries help you pick the best beer wherever you are!

  1. @redrocksco

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Visiting Colorado in the summer? Love live music? If you answered yes, then you have to check out this Instagram page! Red Rocks is known to be one of the most beautiful amphitheaters in the would. The music is projected towards the audience by the two walls of red rock that creates incredible natural acoustics. Looking at the Red Rocks CO Instagram page of mind-blowing beauty of concerts will make you want to catch a show ASAP. Check out their page and see you favorite band play at the coolest venue in America!