Our Top 5 Favorite Rafting Videos from 2014

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Our Top 5 Favorite Rafting Videos from 2014

We had one heck of a whitewater rafting season! With tons of snow, making for a high snowmelt, we had some raging water! With such a great season both in Colorado and worldwide we saw some great rafting reels. These are some of our top 5 favorite rafting videos from 2014.

Every year during FIBArk, the Pine Creek Race happens where tons of paddlers race through the most technically advanced section of whitewater on the Arkansas River, Pine Creek. The Pine Creek section is a class V section of whitewater. The paddlers race through Pine Creek twice and the fastest of the times determine the winners. If you missed this year here is a little snipit of the Pine Creek Race.

Kayaking is one of the more popular whitewater sports and has really grown throughout the last few years. With a growing fan base and popularity more and more athletes are emerging and pushing the limits. This video shows just how intense whitewater kayaking can be.

Rafting can be an extreme sport. With some crazy rivers nationwide and across the world there are bound to be some mishaps. This video shows some crazy wrecks and carnage.

The infamous Gore Canyon is one of the most advanced sections of whitewater. Before you even start rafting, paddlers are required to swim through class III whitewater to demonstrate a self rescue. This video shows all the different rapids you go through while rafting the Gore.

Whether it is skiing, biking, hiking, or kayaking, Canada has the terrain for any and all outdoor sports. This haven makes it a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, especially paddlers. Ashlu Creek happens to be an area of crystal blue water with some raging rapids.

Just because it’s the winter does not mean we aren’t wishing we were on the river. Looking back on such a great season we can’t help but reminisce, and these certainly help us do so!