Unique Thanksgiving Outdoor Activities

Posted by on Oct 25, 2015 in Events, Holidays
Unique Thanksgiving Outdoor Activities

Thanksgiving is a amazing time of fun and fellowship with family and friends. This year it’s time to mix up the same tired traditions with some outdoor fun! Instead of betting on how long till Grandma falls asleep in the love seat, how about actually working those extra calories off, and making this Turkey Day the most memorable and unique of all.

Find that Special Holiday Treeneedle-pixabay

Take a walk in the woods; bring a saw and your imagination as you pick the perfect tree for the holiday season. Nothing is better than strolling into the forest and finding a perfect tree that the family can call their own. Load up the truck and now you have a Turkey Day tradition that the whole family will remember.

A Family Scavenger Hunt Hike

Spice (pumpkin) up the Thanksgiving post meal, pre-dessert time, and go on a family hike with a twist. Create a scavenger hunt with all the fun of a hike included. As you hunt for a special tree, a certain trail sign, or a furry critter, enjoy the hike even more with some family competition (what could go wrong?!!). Rack up some points and reward the winner with the first piece of pumpkin pie!

Thanksgiving Day 5Kfall-pixabay

Now you are truly earning your meal! Jump in one of the many 5k turkey trot options. Check out TurkeyDay-5k for a myriad of running options. Most of these Thanksgiving options also are for a great cause, so saddle up, put your running shoes on and take a jog for a purpose . Then promptly put your feedbag on and enjoy your reward!

Volunteer for the Less Fortunate

One admirable way to spend Thanksgiving Day is serving food to less-fortunate families at a soup kitchen, church, or community center. If you can’t help on the holiday itself, look into ways your family can pitch in beforehand, such as collecting and sorting donated food or baking a pie for one of the local community centers. This will fill your heart, and nothing says Happy Thanksgiving like helping others!

However you spend this great holiday, make sure you get outside and enjoy the end of a wonderful fall season, and make it special while sharing it with your family or helping others. Gobble! Gobble!