What NOT to Bring on a Raft Trip

What NOT to Bring on a Raft Trip

So you’ve made the decision to take on Colorado’s whitewater this year (great choice, by the way), but maybe it’s your first time on the river and you don’t really know what to expect.  If you found yourself on this blog post, you may have seen some of our previous snippets on tips for rafting trips such as ‘Gear You Need for Your Colorado Adventure this Year‘.  Now we’re going to overview some of the items you should reconsider taking on your rafting trip.  Whether you’re on a commercial excursion or solo adventure, you’ll need to make sure you pack correctly.  Here’s what Colorado River Rentals suggests NOT bringing on a rafting trip.

1. Your Cell Phone

Of course, you want to take a plethora of pictures and remember you Colorado adventure for years to come, but if you’re on a commercial trip it is highly likely there will be a professional photographer riverside to snap a photo for you.  Not to mention buying a professional shot of you rafting is much less expensive than replacing your phone after it takes a plunge.  Commercial guides have dry bags on board you can throw some stuff in, but you don’t want to be asking them to grab your phone every five minutes.  On a private trip down to the river, just rent a dry bag!  Even if you’re only spending a few hours on the water, you’ll be glad you have a dry shirt to throw on after you take out.

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2. Electronics

Trust us when we say there will be plenty of activities the kids can partake in along during your river trip.  We assume that if you’re venturing out on an overnight trip with children, you’ll hang out on a milder stretch of river.  You’ll be able to pull over quite easily and let the kids swim around and jump into the river.  Throw the football, build a fire, or even throw a line into the water… your young adventurers won’t complain a bit about enjoying everything Colorado’s outdoors has to offer.

3. Makeup, Hair Products, Razor, or anything Beauty Related

Men, don’t worry about that scruff coming in or a clean-shaven face. Women, don’t worry about bringing that handheld mirror and throwing some waterproof mascara on before the rest of your crew wakes up. The best part of a rafting trip is nobody cares! Everyone will be too captivated by the beauty surrounding your boat that they won’t even think twice about anyone’s appearance.  Let the Colorado sun soak into your sunscreen-lathered skin!  Just don’t forget deodorant.

Gear up for your summer excursion and get ready to enjoy the river!  If you’re missing any essential equipment, call Colorado River Rentals for any gear you don’t want to buy.  We rent everything from dry bags, wet suits and paddles to 16′ rafts!