Why a Dry Bag is Essential for your Colorado Rafting Trip

Why a Dry Bag is Essential for your Colorado Rafting Trip

“But we’re just floating down a section of the Upper Colorado River, we definitely won’t get our stuff wet or have anything fall in.” Ah, think again. Sure it would be very difficult to flip a raft on Class II water, but you are floating in the middle of a river and should try to protect your belongings as best you can.  Water doesn’t just come from the rapids, either… if you get caught in a rainstorm it’ll be difficult to find some coverage and there goes that nice camera you brought to capture memories, your cell phone, and dry clothes.  Here’s why you should definitely bring a dry bag on your rafting trips.

You’ll Save Your Electronics

You definitely don’t want to deal with hundreds of dollars of damage to your electronics once you conclude your rafting adventure, so dry bags are perfect to keep those items safe.  Maybe you have the latest iPhone that is claimed to be waterproof or your camera is actually a GoPro.  Both are great for mishaps, but you definitely don’t want either sitting in water for a long period of time.

You’ll Be a Happy Camper

Literally.  Once you find a spot to set up camp and peel your soaking wetsuit off, we guarantee you’ll want dry clothes.  Even if it’s the middle of July in the Colorado Rockies and the hot sun is beating down on your campsite, once the sun sinks behind the mountains for the evening the air gets chilly no matter what day of the year it is.  Keep your towel and clothes dry for maximum comfort once you’re ready to settle for the night.

You Can’t Predict the Weather

Afternoon rain showers are a frequent occurrence throughout the summer in Colorado, so even if you know you won’t get water from the river into the raft, you can’t control what comes from the sky.

You Can’t Predict Your Boatmates, Either

Sure, you trust yourself to keep your belongings dry, but what about everyone else in the raft?  Who knows what ruckus will transpire as you and your friends venture out onto the river.  Even if your dry bag drops into the water, you’re good to go.

Leave the worries behind and be sure to pack a dry bag for your next overnight rafting trip.  Good ones can get costly, but Colorado River Rentals has you covered if you don’t already own one.  For the affordable price of $5 per day, you’ll gain an insane amount of comfort knowing all your belongings will be protected.

*Featured image courtesy of Laughing Lion