Why It’s Good To Take A Solo Trip

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Why It’s Good To Take A Solo Trip

Need a break from the family? What about work, does that have you feeling down? Well treat yourself! Take a peaceful, relaxing, care-free day for yourself and and take a solo trip with AVA!

ABC_2062We have plenty of breathtaking trips for all types of experience and excitement levels for your perfect solo trip. The ideal solo trip would be hidden away from I-70 in the Rocky Mountains, either on the Arkansas or Colorado River.  The Arkansas and Colorado River are some of the most unique rivers to Colorado where you’ll be given the opportunity to ignore and forget all that encompasses your real life. Get away from the stress of reality and explore the great outdoors on Colorado’s most rafted rivers.

Solo trips are an awesome way for everyone to clear their head from their hectic lifestyles. Every now and then everyone needs a refreshing reminder of the beauty that surrounds us in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. A pleasant float trip on the Upper Colorado River allows for one to reminisce on the finer things in life. Whether you are looking to rent and really have a solo adventure, or take a guided trip, we have plenty of ways for you to spend some alone time.

Rent an oar rig and hit the Upper C for some fun in the sun on your own personal raft! Or rent a duckie and paddle behind one of our rafts on our guided trips. Whatever you choose, you won’t regret getting outside and paddling with AVA!

ABC_3573The pristine scenery observed from the Arkansas River will get you in touch with your inner self. Our all inclusive trips give you the opportunity for rejuvenation for the upcoming work week. Paddling the Arkansas River will get you in touch with your outdoorsy and adventurous self. Take a short and sweet half day trip, or spend a full day with a river side lunch prepared by your very own raft guides.

Everyone needs a day away from the hustle and bustle of reality for some relaxation in the cool crisp Colorado air. You’ll be envious of the laid-back personalities and lifestyles of staff around our AVA Outposts, so it’s time to experience it for yourself. Take advantage of this beautiful summer weather Colorado is experiencing to play outside with a paddle in hand!