Breckenridge Winter Activities for You and Your Dog

Posted by on Jan 12, 2018 in Dogs, Hiking, Winter

Skiing or snowboarding takes over Breckenridge, Colorado once there is enough snow, but after multiple days on the overcrowded mountains and long lift lines, it’s time to ditch the people and spend the day with your favorite four-legged friend.  Here are some of the best activities you and your dog can enjoy together in Breckenridge this winter! 


Hiking in Breckenridge

Hiking is always a great activity to do with your dog, but winter hiking can be even better. Less crowded trails will give your dog more freedom to roam around and the snow will make it seem like a new trail to your dog! If the snow is a little deep, just throw on some snowshoes.  There are plenty of rental companies around Breckenridge in the high country offering snowshoes for they day, and it will make your hike much more enjoyable. 

Boreas Pass

Be sure to check out Boreas Pass on the southeast side of town, which closes each winter.  It has some breathtaking views of the Breckenridge Ski Resort, as well as plenty of snow to romp through. 

Sally Barber Mine

Another popular and easy trek is the Sally Barber Mine trail by the Wellington neighborhood.  It’s just under three miles round trip and the fresh air in the woods will have both you and your dog smiling.


Skijoring in Breckenridge

Another great activity is skijoring! With a special harness for your dog, and you on your cross-country skis, you can have your dog run/walk with you. This sport is a great way for you and your pup to get a killer work out in, plus if you start to get tired, your dog can help pull you. This is also great practice for another activity your dog may enjoy: mushing.  With lots of treats and love (and depending on your dog breed) you can teach your dog to pull heavier objects through the snow.  With enough practice you could get them on a dog sled team! 


Dog-Friendly Beer Stops in Breckenridge

We can comfortably say there’s nearly one dog to probably every two people in the town of Breckenridge, meaning having dog-friendly stores and shops are a good call for business owners in the area.  Who wouldn’t want to grab a beer and bring their pooch with them?

Broken Compass

This local brewery on the north side of town is pro-pup, and Broken Compass has a great range of beers as well as board games, making the perfect hang out spot.

Rocky Mountain Underground

Their backyard beer garden is a dog-friendly spot to go grab a cold one, but is not always open during the winter.  Be sure to check out their website for special events, and see if your dog can tag along!


Dog Shopping in Breckenridge

For those who love shopping, the winter gives a great excuse to go on a shopping spree. Some dogs, like huskies, are made for the cold and love digging themselves into the snow and stay perfectly warm. But most, especially smaller breeds, can get just as cold as their human friends. So, take your dog to their favorite pet store and binge on some new winter wear for your best friend!  Animal Lover’s on the north side of town is one of our favorite spots, and it also has a dog wash for after those snowy hikes.


Sometimes the weather is just too much for you and your dog to endure, which brings us to the best activity for any dog owner and their dog: grab a blanket, get a fire going, pour yourself some hot chocolate, and throw on your favorite movie to get some serious cuddle time in with your pup.  

Once summer rolls around, check out all the gear that Colorado River Rentals offers for summer adventure.  Though it’s up to you if you want to bring your dog or not, we strongly suggest a pup PFD if you plan to raft.  We do not rent them out, so make sure you are prepared and keep the pooch safe!


*Featured image courtesy of Visit Breckenridge.